Study finds Colorado No. 8 most impacted by shutdown |

Study finds Colorado No. 8 most impacted by shutdown

Leia Larsen

A recent study finds Colorado ranks No. 8 out of U.S. states most affected by the federal government shutdown.

The report, conducted by financial website WalletHub, created the rankings by analyzing each state and the District of Columbia in terms of federal workers, federal contract dollars, small business lending, social security payments, student aid applications, and veterans per capita.

In addition, the report found Colorado small businesses could be most heavily impacted. The Dakotas, Colorado, Alaska and Michigan have the highest small business borrowing rates, and the federal shutdown could impede ability to secure SBA loans.

The top three states expected to experience the most effects are Virginia, Alaska and Alabama. The states expected to be least affected are Iowa, Indiana and New York.

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