Town of Grand Lake, Grand County, ought to clean up Highway 34 |

Town of Grand Lake, Grand County, ought to clean up Highway 34

To the Editor:

I would hope the Town of Grand Lake and Grand County would clean up U.S. Highway 34 from Granby to Grand Lake. There has been some of the same trash along this highway for years.

Who is responsible for cleaning this highway? Why don’t we have a monthly volunteer program? Why don’t we ask the judge in Hot Sulphur Springs to have the people in jail clean up some of this road?

I ride my bike from Shadow Mountain to Grand Lake five times a week during the summer, and the part of the highway seems to have more trash on the road than any other highway I have seen in Colorado.

I would think that the Town of Grand Lake would take more pride in the highway and try and keep the trash of the sides of the road.

Each year I personally pick up about 10 bags (20 pounds each) of trash from the roads. I am not asking for any personal recognition or thanks only for some additional help in trying to keep this road cleaner and safer for the bikers and walkers along this road.

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I am now having some health issues and will not be able to pick up much of the trash.

A. Jay Boisdrenghien


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