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Grand Lake Lodge to host thank you dinner for first responders

The historic, 100-year-old Grand Lake Lodge was spared from the East Troublesome Fire thanks to the hard work of first responders working the blaze in October. The lodge is hosting a dinner in honor of those men and women where they can eat free.
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Evidence of the destruction of the East Troublesome Fire is clearly visible just across the road of the Grand Lake Lodge, yet the flames never touched the building thanks to the dedication of the fire crews and first responders in October.

In an effort to honor those men and women, the Grand Lake Lodge planned a Heroes Dinner for 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday where first responders eat free. The Italian buffet dinner will cost $25 for community members, which will be donated to the Grand Foundation’s East Troublesome Fire Recovery Fund.

“We’re really hoping that as many people who would like to come out, do come out,” said Chris Betty, spokesperson for the lodge.

The evening will also feature live music from Andy Straus, a cash bar and firetruck tours to help celebrate the hard work of emergency responders and the reopening of the historic lodge. Betty emphasized the event is the lodge’s way to say thank you.

“As we all know, Grand Lake Lodge and the whole town was in the line of fire,” Betty said. “All of our firefighters and first responders were working real hard to make sure the fire didn’t cross that road and consume our property, which could have very easily happened.”

Reservations can be made online at resy.com or by calling 970-800-4164.


Pet of the week


Hi there! Anyone wanting to adopt a cute senior girl? My name is Chelsie and I’m an 8-year-old Sheltie, who is looking for her forever home. I’m a sweet girl but need to be in a home with no other dogs. Come check me out at the shelter or call 970-887-2988 for more information.

Cabin Fever tourney kicks off Grand Lake golf club’s season

Mike Montgomery and By Hanson won division championships in the annual Cabin Fever Golf Fever tournament on June 2, opening the season at the Grand Lake Golf Course.

In the Grand Lake Golf Club’s tourney, Montgomery shot a net 70 to win his division. He edged Dan Pergola and Gary Littlefield, both of whom finished with 71s.

In the gross division, Hanson shot an 82 to defeat Stewart Schwenson, Jonny Miller and Tony Lombard, all tied with 85s.

The Grand Lake men’s golf association plays each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The club added 11 new members this season.

Sign up now for the Pole Creek Ladies’ open golf tourney

The Pole Creek Ladies golf league kicked off its season with a low gross, low net tournament on May 27. The large field of players was divided into three flights with numerous prizes.

Winners were (first flight, low gross) 1. Wendy Kohrt, 85; 2. Lori Myers, 89; (first flight, low net) 1. Helen Brown, 76; 2. Cindy Moynahan 78; (second flight, low gross) 1. Maggy Helm, 91; 2. Nancy Carmack, 95; (second flight, low net) 1. Jeanne Anne MacDonald, 71; 2. Madelyne Stevens, 76 (third flight, low gross) 1. Kathy Nold, 109; 2. Linda Wenzek Barth, 119; and (third flight, low net) 1. Darlene Klancke, 80; 2. Andy Singleton, 93.

Lori Myers and Jeanne Anne MacDonald had the fewest putts with 29. Gigi Dominguez, Nancy Carmack, Pam Buderus, Mary Brooks and Rose Reed all shared the chip in pot.

The Pole Creek Ladies Golf Invitational, which is open to all Grand County women, will be on June 24. The event will have prizes, lunch and contests. Contact the Pro Shop for details and individual sign up by Thursday.


Photos: Hot Sulphur Days returns for 56th year

Hot Sulphur Springs’ summer kicked off this weekend with all sorts of favorite traditions.

The 56th annual Hot Sulphur Days brought the town together for a weekend of events. On Friday night, kids enjoyed a carnival while judges tasted all kinds of pie.

Following Saturday’s pancake breakfast, a parade marched from Pioneer Park to Town Park. Parade goers made it to the park to enjoy the delicious Smokin’ BBQ Lunch, which transitioned into games, kit flying and the drama of the Greased Pole Contest.

The evening ended with live music and fireworks in the park.

June 5 Granby Rodeo Results

Granby Rodeo at Flying Heels Arena

June 5 event results

PEEWEE GOAT UNDECORATING — Lizzie Bruchez, 11.79; Paisley Hester, 17.93.

JUNIOR BARREL RACING — Tymber Mahon, 28.73; Cheyenne Kujala, 29.24.

JUNIOR POLE BENDING — Cheyenne Kujala, 28.93; Levi Kujala, 37.43.

JUNIOR GOAT TYING — Tymber Mahon, 13.94; Cheyenne Kujala, 25.03; Levi Kujala, 27.51; Paisley Hester, 120.19.

INTERMEDIATE BARREL RACING — Myka Grajeda, 18.81; Ashley Smith, 19.81; Flint Krempin, 21.41; Amber Hester, 21.45; Teagan Bruchez, 21.89; Penny Myer, 21.99; Stran Leachman, 22.41; Riley Mahon, 23.32; Lexi Petefish, 24.15; Luci Bruchez, 26.38; Emiliano Mendiola, 29.58.

INTERMEDIATE POLE BENDING — Luci Bruchez, 22.49; Jarrett Grajeda, 23.5; Amber Hester, 24.23; Flint Krempin, 25.69; Myka Grajeda, 26.86; Teagan Bruchez, 27.61; Riley Mahon, 27.92; Stran Leachman, 28.03; Ashley Smith, 29.48; Lexi Petefish, 31.61; Penny Myer, 33.64; Emiliano Mendiola, 38.13.

INTERMEDIATE GOAT TYING — Ashley Smith, 8.98; Luci Bruchez, 10.62; Myka Grajeda, 11.35; Lexi Petefish, 15.78; Riley Mahon, 17.09; Amber Hester, 18.03; Stran Leachman, 19.03; Jarrett Grajeda, 19.2; Rudy Mendiola Jr., 21.82; Ryder Linke, 25.55; Flint Krempin, 28.89; Emiliano Mendiola, 45.13.

INTERMEDIATE BREAKAWAY — Ashley Smith, 3.65; Rudy Mendiola Jr., 4.51.

INTERMEDIATE TEAM ROPING — Flint Krempin/ROBBIE CROWDER, 8.22; Riley Mahon/AMY MAHON, 10.66; Ashley Smith/RUDY MENDIOLA JR,12.45; Rudy Mendiola Jr./JAKE MAHON, 13.46; Luci Bruchez/DILLON KUJALA, 14.11; Stran Leachman/SAM KUJALA,14.58; Ashley Smith/SHAE MEEKS, 28.58; Myka Grajeda/RUDY MENDIOLA JR, 40.47.

SENIOR BARREL RACING — Sara Leachman, 20.36; Foster Krempin, 22.59; Sailor Fausle, 24.73; Hope Johnson, 24.91; Violet Barr, 25.72.

SENIOR POLE BENDING — Hope Johnson, 24.02; Foster Krempin, 24.43; Violet Barr, 26.85; Sara Leachman, 29.81.

SENIOR GOAT TYING — Foster Krempin, 19.74.

SENIOR BREAKAWAY — Foster Krempin, 2.52.

SENIOR TEAM ROPING — Sara Leachman/STRAN LEACHMAN, 17.52; Foster Krempin/ROBBIE CROWDER, 39.2.

TIE DOWN ROPING — Foster Krempin, 15.44.

CHUTE DOGGING — Riley Mahon, 4.14; Foster Krempin, 6.23; Ryder Linke, 6.65; Stran Leachman, 8.16; Flint Krempin, 13.38; Riggin Cathcart, 14.09.

MENS BREAKAWAY — Rudy Mendiola, 5.28.

WOMENS BREAKAWAY — Peyton Crowder, 4.14; Tish Linke-Krempin, 9.78.

MIXED TEAM ROPING — Tish Linke-Krempin/Foster Krempin, 9.57.

OPEN TEAM ROPING — Robbie Crowder/Kelly Florian, 8.19; Rudy Mendiola/Tel Linke, 10.82; Rudy Mendiola/Rudy Mendiola Jr., 11.72; Gabriel Torres/Foster Krempin, 24.68.

LOCAL BARREL RACING — Kayla DeSanti, 19.1; Sego Krempin, 19.17; Julie Martin, 19.34; Lexie Petefish, 23.37; Scarlett Tioghman, 37.05.

Fitness Trail: Three drills for medicine/slam balls

Editor’s note: This is the second installment in a three-part series.

In the last Fitness Trail column, medicine and slam ball fundamentals were highlighted. With this column and the next, three different medicine or slam ball drills will be featured so you may begin performing with these fitness tools today. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.


Warm up for 5-10 minutes without the medicine/slam balls performing the movement patterns featured without these tools. This will prepare you for the movement patterns so that when you add the tools to the program, your body will be ready to hit the ground running.

Prior to each drill, pack shoulders down and back, rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward the spine and the pelvic floor pulled up and inward, shoulders/hip/knees/toes all facing the same direction. Perform 1-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise on two-three non-consecutive days/week. There are two medicine ball drills and one slam ball in this series.

Three drills

Drill No. 1 (side lunges – 4-20 pound medicine ball press) — Stand with the feet more than shoulder distance apart holding the medicine ball. Lunge to the side with the right knee flexed and the left leg straight to the side with the shoulders, hips, knees and toes all facing the same direction. Hinging from the hips and pressing the right buttock toward the wall behind you and as you come back to the center, press the ball over the head and then perform to the opposite side.

Be constantly cognizant of your flexing knee tracking over that heel, never allowing the knee to shoot forward over the toes, keep the torso long and strong and keep the tempo slow and controlled. This is a compound exercise that trains the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip abductors, adductors, deltoids and nose to toes core.

Drill No. 2 (shuffle ball slam – 4-16 pound slam ball) — Make certain it is a slam ball and not a medicine ball because medicine balls bounce. Create an area of space that will enable you to shuffle 4 times to the right and left safely. Holding the ball, shuffle four times right and then slam the ball from overhead to the floor and then go down and pick it up. Repeat to the left. This station is a power station, so expect your heart rate to fly.

Drill No. 3 (abduction/squats – BOSU – 4-20 medicine ball press) — Choose a medicine ball, place the BOSU in an unobstructed area with the handles turned at 12:00 and 6:00 and place the right foot on top and the left foot on the floor right next to the BOSU.

Engaging the hip abductors (outer and upper hip), driving through the right heel, abduct the left leg out to the side as you push the ball toward the ceiling, then lower back down into a “toe/ball/heel” squat position, both legs should be in a staggered front to back squat position bringing the ball back to the chest and repeat. Then, repeat on the opposite side.

This is a compound exercise that trains the hip abductors, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, deltoids and nose to toes core. These are unilateral abduction/squats, so remain on one side and complete your repetitions. Then perform the drill on the opposite side.

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Mountain Life Fitness in Granby. She may be reached at her website at www.mtnlifefitness.com and her email at jackie@mtnlifefitness.com

Poll: Do you agree with a growing number of mountain towns’ decisions to forego fireworks?

Last week’s Sky-Hi News poll question and results are as follows:

How far do you plan to travel this summer? (153 votes)

• Staying local, spending local — 25%

• I’m planning for an in-state adventure — 16%

• A little domestic travel wouldn’t hurt — 48%

• Break out the frequent flyer miles, I’m going international! — 10%

Answer this week’s question below.

Sky-Hi News poll question

Do you agree with a growing number of mountain towns’ decisions to forego fireworks?

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Kremmling museum exhibit highlights Forest Service

A new exhibit at Kremmling’s Heritage Park Museum highlights the history and impact of the US Forest Service and national forests.

The Grand County Historical Association announced the opening day for the exhibit, which is the completion of a 10-year project, on June 19-20 for Kremmling Days.

Set up in the historic, restored 1916 Horseshoe Ranger Station, the exhibit features photos, letters, ranger journals, maps, oral histories, uniforms and equipment across four rooms.

“The rich history of the establishment, management and use of these lands is inseparable from the history of settlement and growth of communities in Grand County,” a GCHA representative said in a release. “These public lands have provided the scenic backdrop and natural resources for many of the activities that historically attracted people to Middle Park and supported its economy.”

The exhibit and Heritage Park will be open free to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for Kremmling Days.


Pet of the week

Munch is still here at the shelter. Munch likes other cats, but not so much dogs. She is an 8-year-old, spayed female and for being as sweet as she is, we are surprised she still is at the shelter. Please call the shelter at 970-887-2988 to adopt her.