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‘Here, There and Everywhere’

The Foundry Cinema and Bowl was the perfect venue for the showing of Warren Miller’s “Here, There & Everywhere.” Not only could you enjoy the premier, but you could also enjoy a cold beverage of your choice at the same time. The 67th feature film from Warren Miller Entertainment reflected on the life of the ski movie legend, and those trying to follow in his footsteps. The film was unique in that it showed a variety of ski terrain in many different locations (hence the name of the film).

“Here, There & Everywhere” reflects on Miller’s time spent living in ski resort parking lots and surviving off very little food in order to make videos with his closest friends and ski partners. Miller began living in a tiny trailer in the parking lot of Sun Valley ski resort in Idaho. He braved harsh conditions and managed with very little. “No one ever told us to be cold; so we never were,” Miller said in the movie as he reflected on his time spent as a professional parking lot ski pioneer.

The film was unique in that it showed several other winter sports including snowmobiling and fat biking. The film depicts the up-and-coming fat bike scene in Crested Butte as another option for winter sports lovers who want to try something new. Miller’s film compares fat biking to the time when fat skis were first introduced, and how skiers never thought they would need such wide skis until they tried them. Also shown are some extreme snowmobilers from Montana who ride their sleds like snowboards in harsh backcountry terrain. It was intriguing to see skiers and snowmobilers riding the same terrain side by side as they did in the film.

The movie detailed the jobs of ski patrollers at Kicking Horse Resort in British Columbia, and featured some ski moms in Crested Butte that haven’t let children slow them down at all. Steamboat Springs makes an appearance in the film as well with some hilarious shots of the pond skimming competition from last year.

Olympian snowboarder Seth Wescott, (home mountain: Sugarloaf, Maine) was featured riding in Greenland in extreme remote areas, and visiting with tough natives of the local villages. Wescott showed his love for the backcountry, regardless of location. The film is inspiring for those who can find an adventure anywhere, and never forget their love of the sport.

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