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More Scary Story winners

Granby 2nd Grade 1st Place

Troop #12345 by Kaija Carter

It was the day before Halloween and Girl Scout Troop @12345 had just finished their monthly meeting. They had just gotten in their big cookie order and it was time to go sell them door to door. The Troop of all 12 girls couldn’t wait one more minute to get started. It began at the first house on 2nd Street, and sold 4 boxes. They continued on to each house down the street until they came to a big dark house at the top of the hill. The steps cracked and squeaked as they walked up to the big door. They rang the giant bell hanging by the door. BANG, BANG, BANG!!! The door opened. An old lady answered and she invited the girls inside. She locked the door behind them. She led them into a cold smoky room with a giant cauldron in the middle. One by one she placed each girl into her cauldron and stirred them up. She poured the mixture into several pans and baked them in the oven. She had baked them into Halloween cookies!! On Halloween night the old lady handed out her Halloween cookies to the trick-or-treaters. No one ever knew what became of Troop #12345.

Granby 3rd Grade 1st Place

Bill And the Cursed Grave Yard by Elijah N. Gioia

This year Bill moved to a new house. When he walks to school he goes past a grave yard. A few months pass and when walks back from school he sees a hand pop out of the ground in the grave yard. Bill is not too afraid.

But that night he could not sleep. On the weekend he armed himself with a gas pistol and walked by the grave yard again. Again a hand pops out of a grave and Bill shoots it with his gas pistol. Immediately the hand turns into a skeleton hand. Suddenly a whole body with a skeleton hand pops out of the grave. Feeling a little weird, Bill shoots the body. It turns into a skeleton and falls back into the grave. Then every zombie pops out of their graves. Bill counts 12 zombies, “Oh boy,” thinks Bill, “Now what?” Wait, one of them is holding a white flag. “What does the white flag mean” Bill says to himself. “Ughrhh we surrender “growls the lead zombie. Bill says, “What? You guys are friendly?” All the zombies nod yes. “Hey, guys I need some Halloween decorations. Want to come meet my mom?” Bill leads the zombies home slowly to be his Halloween yard decorations. His mom is a little surprised.

Granby 4th Grade 1st Place

The Evil Circus by Elaine Oliveina

Once upon a time I went to a circus. First, it was pitch black then a “boom!” happened. It was bright. The light was on. The light was bright they could see the mind of the person ad it lit up the whole circus. I walked into the Scare House of Doom. Real ghost everywhere. They said” Boo I’m going to eat you!”. I ran so fast I was to the next ride. It was calls Blood Sucking Clown’s House. I said to myself “This should not be too bad.” I walked into the Clown’s House. There were Sharpened Clown Teeth from Deadly Clowns. I ran to call 911 to tell them about the haunted circus. I almost gat answered then an evil skeleton cut the phone cord. He was dressed up as a circus guard. He cut the phone cord with his sharp nails. In one slice of his finger nail the cord split in half. I ran to the last ride called The Spinning Tarantulas of Doom. They would spin until dawn. The only ones who could ride and stay on were zombies. I rode on the one I got dizzy. I got off because I was flung off. I was chased by Clowns on motorcycles, flying ghosts, zombies on the backs of spiders, and skeletons with guns. They all got me. I was surrounded by monsters. They were really scary. There were two of everything. They killed me and I became one of them. We’ve been haunting ever since.Wah ha ha! BOO TO YOU TO ! NOW I SCARED YOU. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Granby 5th Grade 1st Place

The Babysitter by Sophia Gantt

On dark night, a girl was babysitting. She was trying to get the baby to sleep. As the baby started settle down, the girl went down stairs. As she got down stairs she turn on the TV, as she was watching the TV she saw a man through the window. He smiled and waved and then she smiled a waved back. Then thirty minutes later, the man returned and just smiled and waved a little bit creepier every time but she still smiled and wave – this happened about four more times. But the fifth time, the man had a bloody knife and a baby’s head. The girl was very scared she didn’t know what to do, and then she realized that the window was actually a mirror – the man had been inside the house the whole time ! The girl was never seen again.

Granby 6th Grade 1st Place

The Doll!! by Maribel Reyes

It was a nice day I was playing in my room with my friends and their dolls. I was mad that everyone’s dolls were better. But I thought about my birthday is soon and I can ask for one of those human sized doll that you can make it look like you. Twas the night before my birthday and I asked my mom for the doll that I want and she said that I could have it if she could find it and then it was time for presents and of course I opened the small one first and then it was a huge box I prayed it was my big doll, it was i was so excited then we took it to get the same clothes as me, and shoes, and hair. I took her home and she slept next to the doll on a separate bed. In the morning we were eating breakfast and mom was on her computer and my mom got up to get more food and the dolls hand moved it knocked over a shake and it ruined the computer i screamed told my mom it was the doll, but she didn’t believe me. she said she will take it to her room and keep it until i behave. I went to school and came back and mom was yelling m name i went to her room and on the mirror with lipstick it said I hate you! Mom was so mad I told her it wasn’t me she shoved me to my room and said that “i wish you were my daughter” and she meant the doll, the doll that isn’t even alive. I tried to investigate what to do about the doll, so I came up with putting up a camera in my moms room where the doll “sleeps” and at night the camera was on. The doll stood up and walked then she saw the camera and she broke it it all was in pieces. In the morning my mom saw all of the pieces of the camera and yelled at me and told me why i had that camera in her room, i tried to explain that i was sure that there was a doll that was alive in our house but she got mad at me again, she told me to follow her and took me to her room she told me to stay here and she left the doll with me, she locked me in i was so mad I ripped the doll and her hair came of it had a number and said “dolls that are you” my favorite store of dolls. So my mom came and she saw the pieces of doll and she got mad she grounded me and locked me in the room. I climbed out of the window and went to the place. I told the old women that worked there about the doll she told me to leave it in the trash because girls like dolls and they will take it. So in the morning i put it in the trash with my mom noticing and my mom caught me when I was going back inside she pushed me and it knocked over and a semi took the doll and it took it for a long time. I never saw the doll ever again and I was glad that was like that. But, one of my people what live like three hours away found it they kept it i don’t know what happened after but it did happen it was officially gone.

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