Sharky’s hosts a Peruvian-style dinner for customers |

Sharky’s hosts a Peruvian-style dinner for customers

Daniel Murga and Vilma Salazar prepare a special meal at Sharky's in Fraser for their customers on August 30.
Photo Courtesy of Ted Fisher |

Sharky’s owner Ted Fisher wanted his customers to see Sharky’s in a different light. On August 30 he opened his restaurant at night with a special menu.

“Our busser, Daniel Murga is from Peru and he is a good cook. He and his girlfriend, Vilma Salazar wanted to put on a dinner, so we opened at night,” he said.

Fisher invited his customers noting that a special menu would be available; and he sold out the entire restaurant.

Fisher started seating people at 7:30 p.m. and started with appetizers and special Peruvian alcohol.

“I loved how our customers came in and saw Sharky’s in a different way,” said Fisher.

If there is an interest, he hopes to host another special dinner at Sharky’s.

“It was nice to do something different for the town and our customers. We love our customers and loved that they could see us in a different way.”

Main Course:

Mash potato filled with roasted pulled chicken, salad avocado slices, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise and Peruvian yellow pepper sauce. Strings of beef salted with onions and tomatoes in soy sauce served with home fries and steam white rice.


A dessert of Peruvian Gastronomy “sigh of Lima”, Pisco, white egg, lime, sugar, amargo chuncho bitters.

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