Grand County Artist: Susan Reed |

Grand County Artist: Susan Reed

Kristen Lodge |

Susan Reed in her studio.

What is your day like when working on your art?

It is always hard to get started painting. I have to fool my brain and go into the studio under the guise of cleaning or arranging things and before I know it I have brush in hand and I've started in on my painting. Once underway all time is lost and painting problems are being solved. I love the all consuming feeling I get and the complete loss of time. I think it is what athletes call The Zone.

What is the best part about being an artist in Grand County?

If I am outside painting it is the peaceful feeling you are surrounded with, perhaps that is the best part of being in Grand County, the beauty and peacefulness. Literally a painting everywhere one looks! We came to the mountains when my husband retired. I can paint anywhere so why not here where I came as a little girl with my family to fish at what is now the Bar Lazy J Ranch. Maybe that is where I caught the the painting bug! Isn't it Grand!