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Exploring the ‘new’ Middle Trail

July 20, 2017 — New trails are so exciting to explore because you never know what's around each bend. Your biking reactions are tested to see how fast you can downshift because you need to climb hard. Your balance is tested because the trail suddenly narrows and the ground

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Grand County Rambler: Paving the way: Hiking on BLM lands

July 18, 2017 — Strolling through the woods and mountain meadows of Grand County is an experience like few others. There is an ethereal, almost religious, quality to the feelings imparted by wandering the hills and valleys of the high Rockies. Many who flock to Middle Park during summer

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Grand County Rambler: Off the beaten path in Tabernash hills

July 18, 2017 — If you're looking to check out the high country this weekend but don't want to spend your time on the trail in a queue consider checking out some of Grand County's less frequented trails and wilderness areas. Just a short ways northeast of Tabernash are

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Grand County Rambler: Sugarloaf campground and the abandoned boardwalk

July 18, 2017 — Summer is in full swing in the high country and Grand County's roads and popular recreation destinations are chock-a-block with tourists and locals alike. Every weekend the Vasquez Creek area near Winter Park and the Three Lakes region are inundated with folks looking to enjoy

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Grand County Rambler: Bottle Pass & Ptarmigan Peak

July 18, 2017 — Grand County’s proximity to the Denver metro area and the broader Front Range corridor means large numbers of recreators travel to our little corner of the high country every summer. Tourist activity can be almost dizzying during summer months, with long lines of traffic snaking

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The art of the climb: Tackling Longs Peak

July 13, 2017 — A short way east of Grand County rises an imposing figure, a massive pyramid of rock towering high above the vast plains stretching out to the east. Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, named for pre-Civil War Army engineer Stephen Long, is the tallest

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