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Hiking at elevation: The risks vs. the rewards

June 25, 2018

Every year tens of thousands of people ascend the high mountain passes to reach Grand County to spend time hiking in the High Country. And every year a significant number of those individuals will experience...

23,000 acres: Experiment with the Experimental Forest

June 25, 2018

A short drive southwest of the community of Fraser lies a 23,000-acre expanse of wooded mountain slopes that holds a special place in the hearts of many Grand County locals, the Fraser Experimental Forest. The Fraser...

Untamed wilderness: Making it through Never Summer

June 25, 2018

At the far northern tip of Grand County, in a space of land wedged between the Kawuneeche Valley and the vast plain of North Park, lies an expanse of untamed wilderness whose very name evokes...

Exploring the ‘new’ Middle Trail

July 20, 2017

New trails are so exciting to explore because you never know what’s around each bend. Your biking reactions are tested to see how fast you can downshift because you need to climb hard. Your balance...

Grand County Rambler: Bottle Pass & Ptarmigan Peak

July 18, 2017

Grand County’s proximity to the Denver metro area and the broader Front Range corridor means large numbers of recreators travel to our little corner of the high country every summer. Tourist activity can be almost...

The art of the climb: Tackling Longs Peak

July 13, 2017

A short way east of Grand County rises an imposing figure, a massive pyramid of rock towering high above the vast plains stretching out to the east. Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, named...