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Sharky’s Eatery

Sharky's Eatery in Fraser.

Fraser locals know there’s only one place in town to get the best breakfast in the county, and that’s Sharky’s Eatery.

Owner Kaydee Fisher opened the restaurant in downtown Fraser about ten years ago with her friend Veronica, who is no longer affiliated with the restaurant. Today Sharky’s is a family establishment, run by Fisher and her brother Ted.

Over the last decade Sharky’s has become an institution in Fraser, famous for it’s dynamite bloody marys, huevos rancheros and green chili.

“I’m so stoked that people voted for us to be best breakfast,” said Kaydee Fisher. “It’s so exciting, and I feel like now we’ve established ourselves. We’re a Fraser thing now. It’s become an institution here, and we’re happy that people still appreciate us.”

Fisher attributes the restaurants success to her dedicated and loyal staff, some of who have been around for years.

“We have ten employees and they’re amazing,” she said. “We couldn’t do it without them. It’s the same people over and over. Our cook Rhondo has been with us since the very beginning. He’s become a figure in Fraser, and people know him from here.”

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