11th Annual Kremmling Demolition Derby (photos/video) | SkyHiNews.com

11th Annual Kremmling Demolition Derby (photos/video)

Hundreds came out to witness the destruction at the 11th annual Get-Smashed Kremmling Demolition Derby. Sawyer D'Argonne / Sky-Hi News

The 11th annual Get-Smashed Kremmling Demolition Derby revved up Saturday night, enthralling guests with live music, loud crashes and a little bit of love.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of the night happened before the derby even kicked off, as derby participant and Kremmling resident Daniel Terwilliger knelt down on one knee to purpose to his girlfriend Bob Jocelyn Bones. A crowd of hundreds roared as the two became engaged and embraced one another with family nearby.


Other contestants also made the most out of the animated crowd, coming out in costumes with music to match. Visitors got the pleasure of watching as riders dressed as Darth Vader, Lady Gaga and the Grim Reaper came out to take their starting places, and get to smashing.

The rest of the night consisted of booming engines, and thunderous crashes as participants fought for their share of the $25,000 purse.

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