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2010 Grand Dog Primary Election Over

Sept. 27 marked the end of campaigning for all but four of the Grand Dog candidates.

The weekend was busy with candidates and campaigners pounding the pavement and participating in community events such as Oktoberfest in Granby. Ballot boxes were overflowing with ambitious voters rallying for their candidate.

When election judges Draku (Australian Sheppard mix) and Gus (Mutt extraordinaire) finished pawing through the votes, the final four shook out as:

Freeta Goodhome – Francie deVos

Bob – Stephanie Richardson

Riley – Judi Servoss and Joel Carmichael

Rocky – Maureen Helm

Advocates and Pet Pals express their sincerest thanks to candidates and their campaign managers who worked so hard for the votes garnered along the marking of the campaign trail.

Outgoing Candidates and Campaign Managers:

Lily and Bud Q. – Corin and John Wood

Farfalla – Rich Devlin and Kim Linin

Otis – Bob Nicholls

Rocket J. Squirrel – Marianne Klancke

Suklaa – Dede Fey

Tate – Steve and Janie Radcliffe

A special thank you to Sybil Miller, campaign manager of Boris who recently passed away.

General Election is running from Sept. 27 to Nov. 6 where final votes will be cast up to the last moment in the race.

Go to http://www.gcadvocates.org to cast your vote. After all, we want the right dog representing Grand County and our efforts to make it a safer place for humans and pets!

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