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2012 budgets approved in Fraser, Winter Park

Town of Winter Park

Town of Winter Park officials have approved the town’s 2012 budget. They have made appropriations for expenditures in marketing, public transit, special events and economic development totaling $1.5 million. Other expenditures include $3.8 million for operating. The town-wide revenue forecast for fiscal year 2012 is $5.4 million, and expenditure projects are $6.2 million. The town budget reflects $242,500 for equipment purchases, $610,000 in capital improvement projects, and $110,000 in local grants.

Employee salaries have been frozen for several years, so this year town officials are instituting possible pay increases based on performance, according to Town Manager Drew Nelson. Whether employees get pay increase will be based on evaluations over three years, Nelson said.

The 2012 budget does not show any fee increases.

The town’s mill levy rate remains at 3.765 mills. Assessed value decreased from 2011’s $130,748,680 to $102,679,600 budgeted for 2012.

The town continues to operate free of any debt, according to town officials.

Town of Fraser

The town board approved its budget for 2012. Total budgeted expenditures in the general fund are $2.76 million and revenue is $4.05 million.

About 78 percent of the 2012 projected general fund revenues are generated from sales tax and 11 percent from property tax.

Salaries and benefits equal 25 percent of the 2012 projected expenditures, and capital expenditures amount to about 22 percent of the total town budget pie.

In tough economic times, the town hasn’t cut programs or services, and has been able to complete capital projects, said Fraser Town Manager Jeff Durbin.

The town budget shows $250,000 in street improvements, which may include drainage improvements in Ptarmigan, and chip and seal in both Ptarmigan and Rendezvous residential areas in Fraser. There may also be other less significant work in other areas of town.

“To be able to do this kind of improvement in these economic times is good for the town. Deferred maintenance is the word these days, so I’m proud of taking care of our infrastructure and the community should feel good about it,” Durbin said.

The town is still on a “flatline” for employee salary and benefits. “We run a lean ship and have cut most of the fat already,” Durbin said.

Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District:

There are no capital improvements and no wage increases budgeted for 2012 at the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District.

District officials do not anticipate any fee increases.

“It is a challenging economy for tax-based entities, we tightened our belt and are hopeful that the economy will turn around and allow us some additional revenues,” Ledin said. “It’s going to be a lean year and we are prepared for that.”

In addition to approving the 2012 budget, district officials are evaluating last year’s recreation programs with staff members to assess which programs may be continued or replaced, he said.

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