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20th Annual Barneløpet 2012 Feb. 25

Grand County CO Colorado

Barneløpet is a free event sponsored by all Sons of Norway District 6 Lodges (including Grand County’s own Storfjell Lodge). Barneløpet is a cross-country ski event for kids to 16 years of age on Saturday, Feb. 25 at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA.

Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club will also offer ski orienteering for adults, and children with parent(s) on the day, as well. In this clinic, participants will learn how to use a map and compass to locate a series of checkpoints shown on a specialized topographic map. After participants find all the checkpoints, they race to the finish line in the shortest amount of time. This outdoor sport is often called “the thinking sport” because it requires map reading, problem solving, and quick decision-making skills in addition to athletic ability and general physical fitness. There will be three courses available: short course 2-miles, medium course 4-miles, and long course 6-miles.

Contact Craig Murray: craigcyclist@yahoo.com for more information about ski-orienteering.

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