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A few more political NO’s for consideration

Last Friday Frank Watts wrote about saying “NO.” And so from the other side of the aisle here are a few of my own:

NO to endless war.

NO to corporate personhood.

NO to subsidies and bailouts for the banking, energy, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries.

NO to a defense budget larger than the rest of the world combined.

NO to unlimited campaign financing.

NO to government intrusion in our private affairs.

NO to changing the constitution to suit every political whim.

NO to incentivizing sending jobs overseas.

NO to a free ride for billionaires while half of America struggles for their next meal.

Mr. Watts, its time to re-think what you say NO to. Because the only ones I see asking for a handout are the spoiled brat millionaire and billionaire puppet-makers who have taken over your political party and hijacked the rightful debate between liberalism and conservatism.

Andy Gold

Winter Park Highlands

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