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A vote for a Democrat is a vote for forced unionism

Unions were the largest campaign contributors to Obama and all Democratic congressman and senators. The unions are demanding and getting their political payoffs from Obama and every Colorado Democrat.

Payoff No. 1: Almost the first thing Obama did as president was to pay off the UAW unions at GM and Chrysler. The bondholders got nothing and billions of dollars were funneled to the union retirement funds.

Pay off No. 2: All the various stimulus bills had payoffs to union contractors over non-union contractors, gave money to education and government workers to keep their unions on board for Obama’s forced union agenda.

Pay off No. 3: All Colorado Democrats voted or planned to vote for the so-called firefighters bill, which would force all firefighters, policeman and first responders to join a union. Firefighters already have the right to collectively bargain, and have good jobs and benefits. This bill would overrule the Colorado Labor Peace Law and Right to Work laws in 22 states. Government unions with unrealistic demands are putting many states out of business like California and Illinois.

Payoff No. 4: Obama and all Colorado Democrats are supporting the Card Check bill. This bill will take away the right of a secret ballot in any union election. When unions attempt to organize, federal law prohibits companies from threatening, interrogating, persuading or spying on employees or union organizers. If this bill passes there will be lies to union workers, slander of employers, and violence at every workplace in America. Union tactics are well documented in a recent book by David Bego – “The Devil at My Door Step,” 2009. The end result of this bill will be higher unemployment and taxes.

Union donations are also a major factor in State Elections. I am supporting Tim Leonard, Republican for State Senate for our area. Over half of his opponent, Democrat Jeanne Nichols, campaign donations have come from PACs and most of those have been from unions. Tim’s donations have been mainly from individuals.

Is this the change you were looking for? Stop forced unionism, Vote Republican.

Tim T. Schowalter


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