Administration’s actions make it tough to be proud |

Administration’s actions make it tough to be proud

I am 82 years old and, unlike our president’s wife, for as long as I can remember I have been fiercely proud of my country.

My country has sacrificed the blood of countless young men and women and untold amounts of our treasure to help people around the world in their fight to escape from oppression and genocide. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, my country is usually one of the first on the scene with personnel, equipment and the experience to aid survivors. The generosity my country has shown in the past is truly remarkable; whether it was The Marshal Plan to help rebuild Germany after fighting that country in a war of unbelievable ferocity, or sending millions of dollars to Africa to help combat AIDS, our generosity has been unmatched by any country in the world.

I have not always agreed with all of the actions that my county’s leaders have taken in the past, but I generally felt that whatever actions they took were what they genuinely believed were in the best interests of my country.

Unfortunately in the last 20-plus months my pride has been sorely tested by the actions of our current leaders. When I see our president apologize to leaders of other countries for our actions to help stop the genocide in southeast Europe, or to drive Iraq out of Kuwait it seems to me that he is telling the survivors of those who fell in those actions that their sacrifice was unnecessary, in vain, and a total waste.

According to news reports (agreeably a very sorry source), our Secretary of State will castigate my country at the United Nations because of potential racial profiling that could occur (but never has) under the Arizona immigration law. This in a meeting with countries that behead journalists and show films of it, that stone people to death, and cut off the hands of people who steal.

Our president apparently doesn’t like the actions my country has taken in the past, and his Secretary of State is embarrassed that we might now exercise racial profiling. With a complacent Congress and liberal judges they are trying to thwart the constitutional guidelines that have allowed this country to become the envy of the rest of the world. Maybe soon I to will find it hard to be proud of my country.

Jim De Loach

Grand Lake

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