Adventure Ed: A Big Thanks and news from Adventure Education |

Adventure Ed: A Big Thanks and news from Adventure Education

To the Editor:

A big thank you to everyone that contributed to the success of the Second Annual Adventure Education Community Fundraiser back in November.

MPHS Adventure Education is thankful for the show of support, financial and otherwise, that helped us celebrate 39 years of adventures and gave hope to sustaining the program at a reasonable cost to students and families despite the vanishing school subsidies.

All the money raised was not only matched, but also exceeded by a generous donation from the Joyce Mikol Family Trust, bringing the total raised to just over $3,600. Big, heartfelt thanks to all the contributors, to our tireless community volunteer Diana Lynn Rau, and of course to the Joyce Mikol Family Trust.

The Joyce Mikol Family Trust chose Adventure Ed due to the positive impact participating in River Trip had on a recent graduate, the granddaughter of Joyce Mikol. This holds a bit of poetry in itself.

The students who participate on River Trip are left with a next-generation charge at the end of the trip to continue the tradition of caring for and sharing our rivers. The generous financial gift from a grandmother-granddaughter connection supported the program not only with money to take care of necessities, but also with hope that a program that has inspired so many might be perpetuated by that inspiration.

We are currently planning our spring trips and looking to start replacing the rain gear, PFDs, and eventually the rafts. Thanks for such great community support.

For further information, check out the Adventure Education link on the district website –, call Jack Dugwyler at 887-2104, or email Mara Kohler at

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