Adventure Education Hut Trip 2009 |

Adventure Education Hut Trip 2009

Brittany Gardner
Middle Park High School senior
Grand County, Colorado

For a chance to learn about science and build community through hands-on activities, Maggie Keller, a teacher from Middle Park High School, Division of Wildlife Officer Kirk Oldham, and a group of students from MPHS ventured to the High Lonesome Hut. As an opportunity provided through the Adventure Education Program, the Hut Trip allowed ninth through twelfth grade students to explore, learn about wildlife in Grand County, and acquire survival tips for the outdoors.

Throughout the two days of the trip, the students were shown a demonstration by Granby Search and Rescue members Tim Smith and Jim Morris, and were enlightened on outdoor survival techniques. Division of Wildlife members Becky Manly, Shannon Schwab, and Sean Shepard informed the teens about tracking, and how the DOW tracks animals. A presentation by Barb and Steve King added to their outdoor knowledge, along with the avalanche rescue procedures taught by Miles Miller.

The eager teens partook in several team-building activities and initiatives and also had the chance to shoot a tranquilizer gun.

“I was having a blast learning so many things at the same time! I learn best through experiencing and that’s what the weekend was all about,” exclaimed Heidi Guenther, a Middle Park senior.

Kirk Oldham, Maggie Keller, and her students would like to thank Andy Miller for donating the use of his hut, the Colorado Division of wildlife, Barb an Steve King, and Miles Miller for their donated time and expertise to the Adventure Education Program. Additional thanks go out to all the community support of the Adventure Education Program.