Al White: Rep. Baumgardner’s final vote was ‘no’ |

Al White: Rep. Baumgardner’s final vote was ‘no’

To the Editor:

In reading Parker Thompson’s recent letter to the editor, a quote of Ronald Reagan comes to mind: “Trust but verify.”

Parker trusted Randy Baumgardner, and then tried to verify what Randy had told him about voting in favor of HB 11-1278, the bill that would increase the requirements on sex offenders for registering. Randy told Parker how to find his yes vote on the bill. What he failed to tell Parker was how to find his final vote on the bill. His final three no votes on the bill can be found on page 1428 of the House Journal of the 2011 legislative session.

So, in brief, Randy did vote for the bill before he voted against it. Unfortunately, the last and final vote he made was his statement of opposition in making it tougher on sex offenders.

Look at the Journal, Parker. You will see you were misled. Not misled by Coloradans for Integrity, the group you so roundly and inappropriately criticized, but by Randy himself. I have checked out every claim made by this group, and I have found every one to be absolutely true. The truth is that Coloradans for Integrity do have integrity. I’ll let you judge for yourself who is lacking integrity when it comes to divulging the entire truth.

Al White


Editor’s note: Al White is the husband of Jean White, who is running against Randy Baumgardner in the Colorado Senate District 8 Republican Primary race.