Alan Olson: Obama’s immigration puzzle |

Alan Olson: Obama’s immigration puzzle

Obama’s solution to illegal immigration is apparently to maintain a weak economy.

Anyone who tries to actually enforce the law is villified and sued. It’s incredible that he has instructed the federal authorities not to cooperate in any way with Arizona law enforcement. As soon as the key section of SB1070 was approved by the SCOTUS, Obama made it nearly impossible to enforce.

When Arizona officers apprehend a violator, the feds aren’t allowed to respond, so the established procedure can’t function. He even set up an 800 number to report improper police procedures, meant only to harass the police with threats and frivolous lawsuits. This severely inhibits the interdiction of drug runners and human traffickers.

Obama makes a mockery of the office of president of the United States by his politically motivated disregard of the laws of the country. Other examples are the policy of only prosecuting civil rights cases brought by blacks against whites, his refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and lawsuits against picture ID voting laws.

He’s shown himself to be an arrogant elitist who thinks he can run the country like Richard Daly Sr. ran Chicago.

Alan Olson

Grand Lake