All drivers need to slow down in Grand County |

All drivers need to slow down in Grand County

Dear readers of this publication, you have probably noticed that our local cops are trying to ticket everyone they can for anything they can, instead of culling from the tourists.

But I would like to give kudos to one of the state patrolmen, who could have ruined my day but instead gave me a courtesy warning.

Trooper J. Proctor stopped me when I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment. I was messing with my oxygen and other things in the car and didn’t see the sign as I wear bifocals that are very hard to focus with, and he has ticketed me before for not wearing the bottom seat belt. He gave me a courtesy warning this time and told me to obey the speed limit laws when in any construction zones.

When they were re-doing the roads between Winter Park and Granby, the speed limit from Tabernash to Granby was 45. I refused to go 1 mile per hour over the speed limit since I got my warning. I had people riding my bumper and honking and even passing me (no passing in construction zones). Attention needs to be brought to the public so they will quit riding my bumper and honking rudely and breaking driving laws by passing in consruction zones and they need to be aware that while passing, you are not allowed to go over the speed limit because fines are doubled in construction zones and the cop who will stop them may not be as kind as trooper Proctor. And they may end up paying bigtime. Just a warning to keep our locals out of the court system.

Karin Wrape


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