Amenities and Services: Kremmling |

Amenities and Services: Kremmling

Town Hall is located at 200 Eagle Avenue and can be reached at 724-3249.

For water and sewer information, call town hall. The town’s water system is up-to-date and well maintained. The treatment plant was built in 1978, and the fluoridated water system serves all taps within the corporate limits of the town and mobile home parks outside the corporate limits. Kremmling’s tap fees are among the lowest in the area, according to the chamber’s Web site.

For trash removal, The Trash Company provides trash collection to residents and businesses. There is a once-a-week pick-up, and commercial users have pick-up three times a week. Recycling bins are located at the landfill, off of County Road 22. It accepts paper, aluminum, cardboard and glass three days a week. Call 970-724-3639 for days and hours.

Mountain Parks Electric serves the Kremmling region, and natural gas is supplied through the Public Service Company of Colorado by Western Slope Gas Company.

The Kremmling Police Department can be reached at 970-724-3318. The department provides full-time, 24-hour law enforcement and cooperates with the Grand County Sheriff and State Law Enforcement Agencies.

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