Americans should at least give Obama a chance |

Americans should at least give Obama a chance

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Benson’s letter published in the weekend edition of the paper.

Since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, I have read the negative thoughts conveyed by the citizens of the community I live in and have tolerated such negativity about the future of our country. However, Mr. Benson’s letter has finally pushed me past the brink of silence.

Have we all lost faith in the abilities of our common men? Obviously being a man of faith, I would expect Mr. Benson to give every human a chance to prove him or herself before passing judgment. To compare the actions of our future president that have not yet even been undertaken to those of a communist makes me feel as though we are back in 1965.

I do not classify myself as Republican or Democrat ” simply a young American concerned about the future of our nation and the negative views of my elders. My biggest fear for our country, as Americans, is that we are losing faith in ourselves.

Our leadership only reflects the choices we make ” as people.

I define myself as a hard-working, 24-year-old female with two jobs that wants to see things change for the better. How do you define yourself, Mr. Benson?

Jennifer Bufkin


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