An Overflowing Food Bowl of Thanks |

An Overflowing Food Bowl of Thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of Max’s Full Belly Deli, Max and I would like to offer an uncompromising thanks to those who have helped and continue to assist with this cause.

First, let me say thank you to all of the caring people who have provided the food. Without you, there would be no deli.

Thanks to the following businesses, which serve as food drop off-locations. Mountain Dawg Outfitters in Fraser. Joe’s Auto in Hot Sulphur Springs, Circle D in Grand Lake. The Paw Paw Patch (an extra thanks to owner Pam Bruns, for including us in your newspaper and radio ads), Four Paws Resort and the Wild West Tattoo, all in Granby.

Thank you to the businesses and churches, which allow Max’s Full Belly Deli fliers to be displayed. Thank you to Mountain Parks Electric Inc. and Kayci Green, Human Resources and Administration manager, for the use of the Community Room for food distribution nights. Thank you to Sky-Hi Daily News for the article on Max’s. Thank you also to Corin Wood for coming up with the name, the wonderful fliers and for the use of as an information source regarding the deli.

Thanks to Jeri Peirce, Lori Clement, Robbin Stapleton and Mary Ann Kerstiens for giving up their evenings to help with the food distribution nights. Thank you to Mountain Family Center and Samaritan Ministries for spreading the word.

I am especially grateful to the owners/guardians who have called and requested food on behalf of their pets. Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Looking at the donations and the help getting the word out, I think Gandhi would be pleased. I know that I am.

Kate Ahrens

Max’s Full Belly Deli

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