Andrew Daum: Medical Marijuana here to stay |

Andrew Daum: Medical Marijuana here to stay

Medical Marijuana? To Answer the recent letter on this subject (page 6, Nov. 11), yes, yes, yes … and in case you didn’t hear us (being the state of Colorado), one more big YES for you.

Medical marijuana was voted for and did pass here in Colorado about 10 years ago. It is here to stay, and if you don’t care for this aspect of our state, maybe you should move back to where you came from.

Yes, it is not difficult to obtain a registry card to become a legal patient. Yes, some people will abuse the system and try to become legal even though they have no illness to warrant it – with anything there can and will be those who abuse it. Fast food, pain killers, liquor, sugar, the list goes on and on.

Medical marijuana can help people, and until you need this wonder plant to make your quality of life just a bit better, then you will never know how it can help those people who suffer.

I wont go into the health benefits of the drug. However, there are many Web sites which can explain benefits and uses (

It’s time we grow up and stop living in our righteous Stone Age years. Wake up and you will see it’s time to not only have medical marijuana, but it’s time for it to be all-out legal.

I think the people of Grand County can benefit from dispensaries, and the town coffers will be happy as well. If we ban this type of business, they will just go over and open in the next town or county that is compassionate to the cause. We will miss out on tens of thousands of tax revenue.

For example, a small mountain town just over the divide from Fraser allows a dispensary to operate. In one month alone, taxes to the town and state totaled $4,500. The town’s population is not much bigger than Fraser.

I’m tired of the closed-minded people of Fraser. We will get health care, we do have a black president, and medical marijuana is here. Excuse me while I go roll one up.

Andrew Daum