Andy Miller: Fond memories of Winter Park’s Silver Screen Cinema |

Andy Miller: Fond memories of Winter Park’s Silver Screen Cinema

To the Editor:

The Silver Screen is dark now, missed by all. My memory is full of movie moments, illuminated for all of us by Chris Craig. My favorite one involves a nearly empty theater, probably the first night my newly minted son Forest went to the movies. I believe he may have been the only newborn ever lost at the Silver Screen.

My then-wife Brenda and I were trying out the new kid at the show. Since Chris was kind enough to screen the show for just us and a few of our friends, I felt lying Forest on his blanket in the aisle was not too bold a move. I looked regularly down at his sleeping face – obviously he was not as excited about the show as we were.

One of my regular glances turned into a startled stare when I noted the previously immobile baby was not where I had left him. I was new to this baby thing, so assumed these cute little poop-producing cooing beings most likely remained immobile forever. For sure the lad had never moved on his own, let alone disappeared. My reaction was immediate and understandable – I stood bolt upright and yelled “Our baby is gone!”

We were about two-thirds of the way toward the rear of the theater, the only other occupants were way up front. A young man on the aisle had the answer I was hoping for – shouting back “He’s down here!”

Babies roll before they crawl, Forest had found his first roll assisted by the gently sloping aisle. This new maneuver worked so well, he tried it again. Silently, and pretty dang swiftly, my lad rolled his way all the way to the front row where he was found giggling about his newfound skill.

Thank you Chris for giving us 33-years’ worth of evenings, sunsets and weekends so we might enjoy ourselves as a group in the dark. I’ve shed more than a few tears, belly- laughed hundreds of times and understood more about our human condition thanks to the stories you’ve brought to the Silver Screen. And I am eternally grateful I found the newborn son who disappeared at the theater.

Andy Miller


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