Alzheimer care, free program June 28 |

Alzheimer care, free program June 28

In the middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease, those who were care partners now become hands-on caregivers.

A program coming to Granby is designed to provide care partners with the knowledge, tools and strategies needed to cope with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia or memory loss. The knowledge gained will help care partners provide optimal care during the middle stage of the disease in order to maintain quality of life.

Some people are already in the middle stage when they receive a diagnosis. It is important to understand that most dementias are progressive and that problems with memory and the ability to complete tasks will become compromised.

As the disease progresses, different regions of the brain are affected and altered in various ways. Each individual’s progression is different. Symptoms seen in the early stage become more pronounced. These changes may interfere with family or social situations.

Participants will hear caregivers and professionals discuss helpful strategies to provide safe, effective and comfortable care in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s. Emmalie Conner, Regional Director of the Alzheimer’s Association, Colorado Chapter, will present this program and encourages any care partner who is caring for someone with memory loss to attend. There will be time for questions and sharing information.

This free program will be presented from 1:30-3 p.m. Thursday, June 28, at the Granby Senior Center.