Tree Planting and care class in Fraser May 20 |

Tree Planting and care class in Fraser May 20

Cathleen Brown attended Don McDavid’s class, “Tree Planting and Care in Grand County,” last year in Winter Park.

“It was a great class to learn how to successfully plant trees,” she said.

The class is based on current research through Colorado State University and delves into the several aspects of planting and caring for trees in Grand County. Topics include how to properly dig a hole.

“You don’t want to dig deeper than the root ball or container or existing roots,” Brown said.

Additional topics include watering and where to plant a tree. Brown learned in the class last year that in the early stages of planting, the key is frequent deep watering.

Don McDavid will give a PowerPoint presentation, and two thirds of the presentation is from the Colorado Master Gardener class and from a speaker at ProGreen (professional green industry). The remaining third of the class is specifically about trees above 6,500 feet. He will discuss types of trees that grow successfully in Grand County and where to plant them.

A tree will grow better if it is not too close to a house and if it’s given room to grow, Brown said.

“It will be refreshing to take the class again and take in some of the things I missed the first time,” Brown said.

Tanya Cousineau also will be attending the class on Sunday. She recently completed the Colorado Master Gardener class and has been a gardener in Grand County for many years. She knows growing trees in our environment poses a challenge.

“Don gives an in-depth explanation, why to plant certain ways,” she said.

Cousineau is trying to reforest her yard like many homeowners in the county. And, it’s hard to do with temperature fluctuations, sun intensity, soil, and wind.

“It’s difficult growing things up here,” she said. “There are only a handful of trees that make it. Don teaches you how to baby these trees to keep them alive.” She has planted aspen trees with just a 50 percent survival rate.

Don’s theory is to get nursery-grown trees from seed, and nurture them, she said.

Cousineau is attending the class to learn more from McDavid on this aspect and to “find out his tricks” and the new philosophies to successfully grow trees.

“We’ve lost so many trees, my friends are talking about how to fill in empty spaces and revegetate with trees in our yards. Things just don’t grow fast; it takes awhile.”

Last year, 36 people attended McDavid’s presentation. The same presentation will be given this year with updated research.

“It seems many of us are interested in what we can do to help our forests,” he said.

His teaching style is garnered from the latest research from a Colorado Master Gardener classes, and classes at ProGreen.

“It’s my pleasure to pass these helpful hints to others in Grand County who wish to turn our forest green again. In this fast-changing world with new research appearing almost daily, we are all just as up-to-date as we work to make ourselves.”

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