Anonymous donor gives $10,000 toward KUNC Grand County antenna drive |

Anonymous donor gives $10,000 toward KUNC Grand County antenna drive

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

A $10,000 anonymous donation boosted fundraising efforts to bring KUNC’s community public radio broadcasting back to Grand County.

The donors, who remain anonymous, “felt it’s important to have KUNC in Grand County and hope others see it as a challenge to motivate other people to give as well,” said KUNC Development Director Nancy D’Albergaria.

With $42,900 needed to transmit signals in Grand County, the significant donation brings the campaign up to $32,000.

A deadline of July 18 has been set for fundraising goals, leaving enough of the summer season to install the antenna.

Meanwhile, KUNC is completing the contract for use of a tower at SolVista and is gaining FCC licensing approval.

Success in fundraising so far is “a testament to the value people place on (public radio),” D’Albergaria said.

Grand County National Public Radio listeners lost the KUNC signal when the station moved its transmitter in July 2007 in an effort to provide better reception to Front Range and West Slope listeners.

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