Anyone have information about ‘The Granby Idol?’ |

Anyone have information about ‘The Granby Idol?’

To the Editor:

Did you know that an Antediluvian curiosity was unearthed in 1920 by Bud Chalmers on his ranch, which is under Lake Granby today?

It seems not many people do. Antediluvian = artifact, primitive, ancient, relic, antiquity, early, pre-flood history.

This relic was dubbed The Granby Idol. The curious egg-shaped rock measured 16 inches tall by 12 inches wide, and weighted 66 pounds. Black and smooth as a river rock, it was also sculpted. On the top, it had a grinning face with pointed ears, squinty eyes, 3-fingered clenched hands to the side. On its flat tummy were a hodge-podge of strange symbols. On the back, a woolly mammoth is depicted. A long-necked dinosaur stretches out on the left side, and rests its head on the idol’s brow. The rock’s bottom is perfectly flat. When on level ground, it squatted solidly, beaming merrily to all eyes.

The surprising uniqueness of this rock makes me wonder … is there anyone out there who remembers anything about this rock, a.k.a. The Granby Idol, the grinning rock, the Granby stone? What do you think? What do you know? Is this artifact fact? Or is it art shenanigans?

Terri Anderson


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