Application for gravel pit use should be denied until traffic problem can be resolved |

Application for gravel pit use should be denied until traffic problem can be resolved

To the Editor:

It was with dismay that I learned of an application filed by Coulson Excavation to use the Willits Gravel Pit on County Road 60 east of Granby for a temporary asphalt plant and temporary increase in truck traffic. This application is scheduled for a public hearing before the Grand County Commissioners at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 21, in the county courthouse.

Of course, despite endless promises from our elected officials, no work on the ground has taken place to improve the troublesome and dangerous intersection at County Road 60, Sixth Street and Highway 40 in Granby. For that reason alone, I feel this application for increased truck traffic on County Road 60 should be denied unless the traffic could be diverted elsewhere.

But there are other reasons. That gravel pit was already granted an increase in traffic 16 months ago, over the objections of many people who live along County Road 60. The road itself where it passes westward into Granby ” narrow in spots and congested at points with ill-advised business and industrial type traffic ” can’t handle a higher volume. It is at its limit (if not over its limit) at this time.

Also, there are real safety concerns. The Grand County senior housing complex is located on this road and it is treacherous now for our seniors to attempt to walk along County Road 60 into Granby. This is also true for all other pedestrian use along this over-used roadway. Automobile traffic on this road can also be difficult, what with many business and commercial activities taking place regularly along the road.

The Town of Granby, I feel, should also come out opposed to this increase in traffic on that important roadway into town that has such a major impact on many Granby citizens.

The road is unsafe now and an increase in truck traffic would only make a bad situation worse.

Patrick Brower


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