Are you one of the next Colorado Master Gardeners? |

Are you one of the next Colorado Master Gardeners?

Brenda Kwang
Colorado State University
Extension Agent, Grand County

Are you the neighbor on the block with the great vegetable garden that produces enough zucchini for everyone, plus some? Are you the one with the fabulous roses that ramble across an arbor and over a fence? Does your family know that the gift of a subscription to a gardening magazine or a new gardening book is always a safe bet? Are you – or would you like to be – the green thumb that people come to for gardening advice?

If so, you are a candidate to join the ranks of the 1,800 Colorado Master Gardeners who help home gardeners with their challenges.

Each spring, Master Gardener apprentices undergo 54 hours of training on topics ranging from A to W – Abiotic Tree Disorders and Aphids to Water-Wise Landscape Design and Weed Management.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been in school for a while. The material is accessible, and the classes are taught by experienced professors from CSU or experienced Extension Agents. This year classes will be held on Thursdays starting Jan. 2, 2010, and running through April.

This is the first time this training will be conducted here in Grand County. It will be a great resource for Grand County citizens.

To complete the requirements to achieve the Colorado Master Gardener title, the training is followed by 50 hours of volunteer service to be completed by the end of September. These volunteer hours can be fulfilled with a wide variety of activities, the main theme of which is the delivery of knowledge-based gardening information to foster successful gardening.

A limited number of training slots also are available to those who do not wish to participate in the volunteer activities.

Those who complete the course under this option receive a Colorado Gardener Certificate.

For more information or applications for the Colorado Master Gardener and Colorado Gardener Certificate programs call (970) 724-3436. The application deadline is Friday, Dec.11, so call today for your application form.

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