Area students aim to scare in collection of spooky short stories |

Area students aim to scare in collection of spooky short stories

When students from around Grand County were invited to share their scary stories for the Grand County Library District’s annual Spooky Story contest, the youngsters thought long and hard about the most terrifying things. It led them to create dozens of short stories with one shared goal: to scare.

Here are all the original, unedited stories, just in time for Halloween.


By Maddox Carter, 2nd grade

Jimmy was 7 years old; he loved shopping with his mom. In early October, they took a trip to the city to do some shopping. Little Jimmy found the most perfect and beautiful doll he had ever seen. He begged and begged his mom to buy the doll. He wanted to give it to his sister Sammy at Christmas time.

His mom bought the doll and Jimmy named her Felicity. He ran in the house and hid the doll in his closet. Later that night he heard, his closet door creak open and heard a little girl laughing. He went to the closet and saw the empty box laying on the floor. He then heard the laughing coming from the hallway. He ran down the hallway and flipped on the lights! There looking at him was Felicity. Jimmy picked her up, put her back in the box and back in the closet.

The next few nights Jimmy heard the laughing again but when he went to check, Felicity was still in the closet. On Friday night, he heard laughing in his sister’s room, so he went to check and notice the tv was still on, he shut it off and went back to bed. A little while later he heard the tv come back on, this time when he went in he saw Felicity sitting up watching the tv. Jimmy was so freaked out that he woke his mom and begged her to take the doll back to the store. His mom returned the doll.

A few months went by and Jimmy had forgotten all about the Felicity. Halloween and Thanksgiving had passed by and it was almost Christmas. On Christmas Eve, they all watched a movie together, left out cookies and milk for Santa, and went to bed. On Christmas morning, Jimmy and Sammy ran into the living room to see what Santa had brought them. When Jimmy looked under the tree, what he saw was Felicity! She was sitting there with cookie crumbs on her dress, a milk mustache, and a little tag that read “For Sammy.”

The Crop

Crazy Chip was the craziest and laziest farmer in town. He always waited until the last minute to plant his crops. He always begged the other farmers for help, seeds and would ask to have a part of their crop. They always said yes, but this year Farmer Jerry wanted to teach him a lesson.

All of the other farmers planted their pumpkin seeds back in June, but Crazy Chip had waited and now it was September 15th. He knocked on Farmer Jerry’s door and begged him for help. With a sly grin on his face, Farmer Jerry gave him a bunch of seeds he had gotten from a mad scientist. He said they would grow pumpkins in just two weeks. Crazy Chip planted them all in a hurry and threw some water on them expecting them to grow on their own.

It was the night of October 1st, Chip heard odd sounds coming from outside. He thought maybe it was a cat or a raccoon. But the noises continued so he lit his lantern and went outside. With his first step into the patch he heard a crunch. He looked down and was standing on a hand! As he continued, he saw hearts, feet with wiggling toes, arms with waving hands and heads that spun around and said “Hello Chip!”

He dropped his lantern in shock and ran inside. He hid under his covers until he fell asleep. The next morning, he thought it had all been a bad dream. He went back out to the patch to find it wasn’t a dream, all of the heads turned to him and said “Good Morning Chip:”

The moral of the story is, never wait until the last minute to get things done or this could happen to you!

The Mysterious Bread Dough

One Halloween night a family was making bread in the kitchen. The family’s kids were out trick or treating down the block. The mom then adds the flour, yeast, water, sugar, and butter. She adds it all into the mixer and turns it on.

Then, she goes to read on the couch to wait for the bread to be done cooking. Next, she hears a rattling in the kitchen, so she gets up and walks to the oven where there is no sign of the bread being done except that the bread was over flowing out of the bread pan. She quickly reacts and takes the bread out of the oven. The bread starts to shrink back into the pan, and she leaves the kitchen. !POP!, and there is a rubble in the kitchen. She runs into the kitchen to see that there is a monster in there. She shrieks and runs out of the house screaming’ “My bread dough is alive! My bread dough is alive!”

The kids hear her yell so they run to her and ask, “What is the matter Mom?”

“My bread dough became a monster and it is destroying the house!”

The dad runs back to find nothing of the house and the neighbors house and the monster was half way through the next house. The dad calls the police and says, “A monster is destroying the neighborhood and terrifying the people.” The police rush to the scene, and find they will need a whole SWAT team to take the thing down or even the military. By the time the SWAT team arrived the monster took down 15 houses. The news said that the monster looked like a piece of bread with arms, legs, and a bread pan on it’s head. It also had dark red eyes that flash in the shadows. The monster was impossible to stop even with the SWAT team at the scene.

Then a little hungry boy walked up to the mean monster while all the parent were yelling at him to come back, and the boy took a bite out of the leg and the whole thin shriveled up into the pan that was on it’s head.

Finally, Every one cheered and the family ate up the bread so they would not have to worry about it growing back into the awful beast of bread.

The Haunted Wishing Well

Hannah loved to explore. One day at school she hears about an old spooky garden at the edge of town where no one ever went. After school one day she rode her bike all the way to the edge of town to see this old spooky garden everyone was talking about. As she was walking to the old rustic gate she felt a very strong voice in her head, …if you enter you will never return! Suddenly she gets a cool chill, but she thinks it is just her mind tricking her. Hannah fearlessly walks through the gate and starts roaming around the garden. All she sees is dead flowers, old gargoyles and little tables with broken tea pots and cups where someone drank their tea. Hannah sees a flash in and quickly swoops her head around to see what was over there. Sitting on a stone bench was a person dressed in all black cloth. The cloth was ripped and had blood stains all over it. Then she blinked and when she opened her eyes the person was gone. On the stone bench she saw something very unusual. Hannah sees chains and blood stains all over a note. The note said if you enter the silver gate you will never leave. What silver gate was this mysterious ghost talking about? She felt an urge inside her to go and find out. In a dark corner was an old shack with a sign that says BEWARE! Hannah gets the same chill of fright like the time when at the front gate, but she had to go on. The frightened girl knew she had to leave at once but it was like rope was tied to her arms pulling her away from the gate and more and more into the foggy garden. Hannah could barely see the silver gate through all the fog and piles of bones and remains of human bodies. To the left side of the pathway there was a graveyard with five grave stones. One of the the stones had a seven year old boy named Ottis carved in the marble. It said he was the grandson of an old lady who murdered him that night! All the others were different names and different ages. Hannah walked through the silver gate and finds herself glancing at an old haunted wishing well. She saw the ghost and felt herself drop to her knees. The ghost walks over to her and grabs her by the neck a tells her this is the end of today for you go over to the wishing well and look inside. Hannah is crying in a reflection in the water. The ghost shows her an image of what her parents are doing at home. Hannah sees her family crying because they know that she went to the garden. Once you go there you will never return. With anger she asks why did you show me them. The chained, ripped, and bloody ghost tells her I showed you this because you will never get to see them again. The ghost says you made the wrong choice, and slices her throat and leaves he there to suffer in the cold dark night.

The Horns

Autumn leaves slowly fell to the ground, leaving an orange blanket, to cover the cold, grey cobblestone streets, that lined London. By now, most halloweeners had cleared the streets. Leaving them lined with crushed candy and crinkled sucker wrappers. Plastic souls lined the lawns of each, dark house. No lights were on, and by assumption, it was after midnight. The moon cast an eerie shadow along the cobblestones, outlining a small statue in the middle of a dead-end street. The statue stood mighty, holding against the strong wind. The wind moved like fingers through silk hair, creating an eerie setting against the moons rays. Suddenly, without another beat, the cold, dead shadow of the statue began to move. It wasn’t the moon’s shift, but actual movement. The shadow began to dance, along with the moon’s raze. A midnight tango. Other shadows, cast from the moon’s raze, joined the lone shadow, dancing in the dark streets. Fire burst from the streets, surrounding the shadows, each face lined with black, with no mouth, faces as pale as the moon they danced to. The shadows wrapped around each other, creating a ‘tornado’ of rhythm! Fire lapped at the bodies only to plummet to the ground, going right through the very souls it so desperately tried to catch. The wind howling like a pack of wolves chasing a lone elk. And if by magic, a great bull rose from the orange fire. The bull had long dark horns, capable of gouging everything in its path. The body was deep red and defined by large bulging muscles. The bull stood, mighty and proud, standing alline with the windows of the tallest houses. It’s eyes were blood red, as if it drank from the very blood it was made of. Each heaping breath came with it, smoke, as the great beast exhaled. The shadows that danced around now stood silent.

The bull stepped forward, and as if by command, each soul bowed to the elegant king leaving the beast to stand above all. The shadow of the statue stepped forward, and transformed from a ghost-like figure into a dark black figure with golden shining hair. The Devil. As he made his way towards the great beast, his swift movements seeming effortless, the bull lunged forward, sinking its black horns into the spine of its proceader. The devil dropped to his knees. This was a battle. The bull spun around as if triumphing, before it could return to face his rival, the devil swung down a shining grey battle axe, into the beast’s shoulder. The beast groaned loudly in pain, it being that the devil himself could not die, however this great beast had fought many a battle, and had many scars, which meant that he was capable of killing, however, just as easily, getting killed. This was the beast’s last battle, and one of many victorious battles yet to come, for the Devil.

The great beast nealed before the Devil, it’s dark blood eyes slowly fading, along with its gorgeous body, until nothing more than the great horns of the beast where left. The devil had won. He placed the mighty horns on top of his golden head, and as if nothing had happened, he walked back towards the black hole, disappearing into the fire. And as if the souls had other places to be, everything went still once more.

The fire disappeared, and each shadow returned to its rightful place among the trees. The shadow of the moon casting an eerie silence once more. This is how the Devil got his horns.

The Haunting of the Terrifying Mummies

By Taylor Martinson

There once were two kids one named Annie and the other named Jack. Annie was 9 and Jack was 11, and Jack was a great older brother to Annie. In school Annie and Jack shared the same Library class. While there Annie needed help finding a book about terror. So Annie went up to her brother and asked him if he could help her find a book about terror, and he said yes. So Jack and Annie went all over the library looking for a book, but they just couldn’t find the right one. Since they could not find a book they decided to ask the librarian for help. She lead Annie and Jack to a dark corner of the library that nobody ever used because they claimed that all the books are haunted. And if you ever read one of the books you will get snatched into the book and never come back alive again. Annie and Jack looked around at the dark spooky corner. It was covered in cobwebs, spiders and the one lightbulb in the corner was flickering and barely giving light to the corner. There was only one bookshelf so Annie and Jack looked around that shelf until Annie found a book called The Mummy’s Return. Annie said it was the perfect book for her to read. Annie didn’t listen to the librarians warning and took the book home to read that night. As soon as Annie started to read her book her lights in her room started to flicker, it started to rain and thunder outside, and her parents and brother were nowhere to be seen. Annie started to get worried, maybe the librarian was right. Then everything went pitch black. Annie couldn’t see anything. Next thing Annie new she was laying in the middle of a desert with one pyramid right in front of her. For a second Annie thought she had just fallen asleep and was having a nightmare, but after awhile Annie realized it wasn’t a dream. Annie was pulled into the book she was reading just like the librarian said might happen. This wasn’t a joke any longer if Annie wanted to survive. Annie decided to get up and walk into the pyramid. Annie looked around and there were cobwebs, beetles, and dirt all over the walls of the pyramid. If Annie wanted to get out of the pyramid alive and back home she had to be very careful of traps. Annie walked further and further into the pyramid trying to dodge every trap that she could figure out was there. As soon as Annie got past the last trap (at least she thought was the last trap) she found mounds of gold and jewelry everywhere she looked. All of a sudden a giant wall came down on the only entrance and terrifying mummies came out everywhere! There was no escape from this now Annie said. She was cornered and next Annie knew she had perished. From that day nobody has ever checked out a book from that creepy, old, and dark corner ever again.


The Doll

By Bella Ilgner, 4th grade

It all began in the middle of the night when a little girl was playing with her doll in the woods near her house. It couldn’t of been a darker night. All you could of seen was the house lights. The moon was full and the crows were out on pine trees.

The little girl started getting sleepy and fell asleep on the hard cold ground. She woke up, screamed, looking at the doll floating with white light around her. The dolls eyes and mouth were gone. The crows go flying and you could see a skull in the shadow of the Moon. The doll started to take control of the little girl and traps her in the TV. The static screen comes on.

A ghost appears as that girl. The ghost walks into the hallway and saw her mom and scares her just trying to find peace. The ghost was just trying to find peace because it needed to go home. To help the girl get out of the TV the mom had to do something so the ghost would go home. You have to make ghosts happy. It’s a well known fact in the town we live in. The Mom finally contacted her daughter in the TV. She tells her mom to make the ghost at peace and then to reach into the TV to save her. So the mom sings a lullaby to the ghost and the ghost goes back to the to the TV and the mom gets her daughter into her own house and it works.


The Curse of West Grand Elementary

By Jadyn Castillo, 3rd grade

One day, a girl named Jadyn went to a abandoned school with her friends, Teagan, Tally, Jojo, Walker, Stran and Landon. They went to the 3rd grade classroom and we heard a “creeek” behind us. It was Mrs. Jansen’s classroom door. All of a sudden the lights were flashing and the desks and chairs were flying everywhere. We peek in there then…. “Boo” a ghost comes out. “Ahhhhhhh” they screamed! They ran to the bathroom to hide in the stalls and stand on the toilet. Jadyn and Landon check for the ghost then in a snap there gone. Something grabs them and takes them to the janitor’s closet and slams the door. They were locked in there as the others tried to find them. They had tape over their mouths and their hands and leg are tied up. They made as much noise as they could but their friends couldn’t hear them. They were stuck in there for two hours as there friends kept looking for them. Finally the door swung open and they were free. They all ran out of the school as fast as they could and never went back! The end


One Scary Night

By Amara Miranda, 2nd grade

One scary night there was a creepy noise in my house. So I went up stairs and looked but no whan was there. And it sounded like it was coming closer to me. So I looked behind me but no whan was there. Then I went back down stairs and I herd it again. So I went up stairs again and I saw a creepy shadow. It was also a Halloween night. Then I went back down stairs and went to sleep. And it was frosty outside. Then I figered out it was my cat. After that I saw another shadow that wasent my cat. So I went to tell my mom. But then I herd another noise. So I looked and it was the shadow. The noise sounded like something falling. So my mom wok up and got me and my cat, and we hid under my mom’s bed. After that the shadow went away and it went away for good. No you know about my scary Halloween night.


Poisoned Balloons

By Brooke Terryberry, 2nd grade

Once upon time thair was a gril named cora. cora was at her house with her friend Fredy nocked on the door and said to cora Let me in he yelled so lowd. So cora opened her door and Fredy gave cora the poisiones balloon and he ran away. Jack went to help cora and Jack took the Red balloon and gave it to Brooklynn. Brooklynn put the Red balloon in a bag and she put the bag on a airplane. We thought that we were save butt Friedy came back with moer Red balloons.


Bats and Cheetahs

By Daniel Pedersen, kindergarten

The bats were flying to the cheetahs. Bats were fighting bad cheetahs. The bats suddenly fell into the water, the ocean. But the bats flew out of the water and then the bats knocked the cheetahs in the water instead but the cheetahs couldn’t grab the walls because they floated away from the walls and fell down a waterfall. The end.


The Time Of Dinosaurs…

By Ben Bailey, middle school

Imagine a fireball the size of a quarter of the moon. Now that is the size of Chicxulub the asteroid that wiped out the entire race of the lizard like creatures called dinosaurs. Now imagine it missed, eventually the dinosaurs would reproduce and there would be to many of them causing diseases and bacteria to spread like wildfire. Now this is the scary story of the aftermath if the dinosaurs did not go extinct.

Day 1: Chicxulub the asteroid would miss and hit a lot of stars causing a nuclear explosion traveling in every direction until it hits something. The nuclear explosion wave would pass through the sun and earth causing most plants to die and water to dry up. The sun would grow hotter and dry up the ground on earth turning it to a desert that rarely receives water. The nuclear wave would instantly cause deformities and mutations that would make viruses and dinosaurs meaner, bigger and scarier.

Day 2: The humans will arrive early and catch many diseases that now inhabit such a terrifyingly dinosaur overrun planet, some even getting the “Zombie” virus. The “Zombie” virus would spread by bite and be passed to the humans from the infected dinosaurs. Now man and beasts would be flesh eaters and people would have to try to survive not just dinosaurs, heat, starvation and illness but flesh eaters.

Day 3: The humans would realize they need to find a way to quickly make weapons against the zombies and artificial water to survive. They would have to hunt dinosaurs for food. Many great inventors and scientists that we would have needed to help us survive such a terrible place would never be born or will die of diseases or be killed by zombies or dinosaurs or zombie dinosaurs!

Day 4: We realize now we would never reach modernity, we will always be uncivilized beings. The earth will have grown way too deadly for bugs and we wouldn’t have bees to pollinate causing the rest of the plants to die. The air levels will drop and everything will weaken and have much shorter lifespans, like days instead of years.

Day 5: Those of us who are still alive will evolve. We would grow as tall as trees and our skin would pale. Eventually our fingers would grow to be only four and are eyes would merge to one. The heat will force us to adapt so that we are now fire proof but we would be so dry that if a huge rock fell on us we would turn to dust. We would now instead of being 90% water we would become 90% rock.

Day 6: We would eventually all be killed by rock slides, our us bumping into into each other because we to are just rock creatures. Finally the weakened, eroded ground would allow for the magma core to seep through melting the earth to liquid molten lava and a lava planet floating through space melting stars and whole galaxies it came in contact, growing bigger and bigger until the universe had not life left. All this having caused everything as we know it to cease existence and human life to fail before it even really started. That would be the scariest outcome.

Thus the real reason that the asteroid did in fact hit the earth millions of years ago, killing the dinosaurs, all so that humans would survive, evolve and live to create the wonderful inventions that now exist,continue to fuel new inventors in their studies, give humans a chance to experience life and grow! THE END


The 2 Sisters War

By Emmylou Johnson, 4th grade

Once there were two sisters, there names were Rosy and Jennifer. Their parents are going on a business trip. The only rule is to not play the new Zombie Apocalypse game. After their parents left, they got the game, even though their parents told them not to. After an hour of playing things started coming to life. All the zombies were in their house. “UH OH” Rosy said with her nervous frown. “WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO” Jennifer said in a shout??!! They ran outside and met up with their other friends, Jake and Aspen. Then, they saw the zombies too. Next, they all started seeing zombies popping out and scratching all the people. After they went down by the stream Jake got scratched by one of the zombies. Slowly Jake was turning into a zombie. Next, everyone was a zombie, except for Jennifer, Aspen, Rosy, and all of China. The zombies then traveled to China as Aspen, Jennifer, and Rosy made it to safety in Aspen’s house. They made a plan, it was to travel all over the world and look for survivors. Next, they went to London in two days time on a boat. Rosy found someone named Josh to join us to hunt down the zombies. After they found a tech smart girl who lived in Europe, she was named Violette, she thought that if they deleted the game the zombies would disappear. But then Rosy said “wouldn’t that take all the not zombies who were scratched or bit back in the game.” “No, because their blood is human blood so they will turn back into humans and then still live and the zombies will go back in the game for good.” “Where’d you learn to do that Violette?” “School” she said with a grin. “Let’s go” Josh said. They all traveled back to Rosy and Jennifers house. “THERE’S THE TABLET” Jennifer shouted!!!!! Violette grabbed it and deleted the game all the zombies were gone, and the humans were humans again.


Spooky Sounds

By Sydney Rector, 2nd grade

Once there was a boy named Rhylee. He lived in a cottage with his mother. It was a nice little house. He lived in the woods. Rhylee went to bed one night and couldn’t fall asleep. There were noises in the woods. Rhylee went to bed one night and couldn’t fall asleep. There were noises in the woods. The next day he told mother and she said, “it was just crickets and moving leaves,” even though he thought it was monsters and goblin laughs. That night he heard noises again. There was a loud and frightening screech that echoed through the forest. Then he heard low and slow laughter. He was certain it was a witch who was going to cast a spell on him and make him keep hearing these noises every night until Christmas Eve. Nervously, he set out to see if the witch was out there because he didn’t want to be afraid at night anymore.

Rhylee quietly opened the door but it groaned as he stepped out. He heard a Thump! Thump! Thump! around him. The night was pitch black there was no moon. As he began walking down the road he saw big shaggy coats hanging across the road and heard a deep howl. Rhylee shivered and a tear fell from his eye. Again he heard the low and slow laughter only this time it was louder. He gathered his courage and continued down the road.

As he reached his friend Chris’ driveway a gust of wind almost blew him over and a shadow jumped into the road in front of him. It had a green body, sharp, dirty claws and three eyes. Rhylee almost passed out but instead got his courage back and bravely ran to Chris’ door. As Rhylee came to the door, the door opened and he saw a witch with red hair, a black dress, a broom in her hand and a black pointed hat. Chris stepped out from behind the witch and said, “hey Rhylee, are you going to join the party?” “Did you see that three eyed monster? That was Sally. The others are in the back having fun, would you like to join them?”

Rhylee was very happy and ran to join the others. As he stepped into the light from the house he recognized Chris’ Mom as the witch and laughed at how scared he was.


Skeleton Road

By Danica Rector, kindergarten

It was a really dark and windy night where the bats sat on the fence posts of Skelton Road. The trees moved around the bats creeping down the road. The moon was yellow and in the shape of a crescent and only lit the night a little bit. On this night there was a little girl running down the road where the skeleton named Skale saw her from the window. He stopped looking out the window, went out the door and chased the little girl. When he caught her he ate her all up into little pieces. Then he found a parent and was going to eat him, but the parent ran away from Skeleton road and out in to the dark.

Skale stopped running and walked home where he laid on his bed and was sad because he had not found his true love yet. So he got up and yelled out the window “I’m still hungry!”

On this Halloween night another little girl came running down the street. She was wearing a purple dress, and she had a happy feeling about her. The little girl had passed many skeletons on her way to investigate Skeleton Road so she was not afraid of Skale. Skale stopped and thought about what he was going to do with the little girl. He said, “hi, I’m Skale.” The girl said “hi, I’m Ruby.” Then Skale said, “I’m going to eat you.” Ruby said, “do not eat me because my parents will be sad because they love me.” Skale stopped a minute to think then said, “I want somebody to love me because I am lonely.” Ruby said, “I can find you a girl skeleton to give you some company.” So Ruby and Skale set out together. As they walked the met another skeleton coming up the road, Skale saw her and at once new that was a skeleton he loved. So he stopped eating people and Ruby waved goodbye to her new friends and turned on Black Cat Bridge.


Sudden Death

By Jakob Ducklow, 5th grade

There was five seconds on the game clock. We were tied 2-2. It was the Bear’s final game of the ice hockey season, championship, against the Eagles. I, Zach Prescott, the Bear’s number one goaltender. The Eagle’s left wings man took a slap shot. It swept through the air towards the net, but luckily I raised my blocker and knocked the puck over the net just as the buzzer sounded. We were in ‘Sudden Death’ overtime.

During the game I was distracted. The other team had been making fun of me because I forgot my goalie mask and had to wear my sister’s goalie mask which was pink and had princesses on it. I got so irritated that’s all I could think about. All of a sudden, the puck went right past me. It was a high, left corner shot. Now, I know why they call it ‘Sudden Death’. We instantly lost the game because of me.

After everybody left, I sat there in the locker room and thought about what I had done. I grabbed my bag and went to leave. As I reached for the door, it suddenly locked and the light went out. I ran to the corner and hid. I could barely see a strange figure dressing up. I smelled the horrible stench of an old hockey bag and blood. I could see that the figure was a goalie. I heard the door open and slam shut. I heard pucks hitting a goalie’s pads. Terrified, I left the locker room and the lights were dimmed. The goalie on the ice had blood all over his jersey and dripping down his face behind his mask. It looked like the mask from the movie Friday the 13th. The pucks were flying out of nowhere and when he caught the pucks they disappeared. He was a ghost goalie. He saw me watching and yelled, “Hey kid!” I wanted to run, but for some reason I didn’t. “Is this your water bottle?”

“Um, um, um yeah” I stuttered. He started to skate towards me. I froze in terror.

“Hello,” he said, “my name is Jacques Plante and yours?”

“Um, z z Zach,” I said nervously.

“I watched your game,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” I said, “then you probably saw my ugly pink mask.”

“Yeah, but you know what? You’re lucky to have that mask. When I played I didn’t have a one. I had four broken noses, a broken jaw, and got two hundred stitches in my head,” he said.

“Why are you covered in so much blood?” I asked.

“Nobody wore masks back then. I got a slap shot to the face.” he said “They needed me in goal and I told my coach ‘I’m not going out without my mask”. My coach was angry and everybody made fun of me. I didn’t care and neither should you,” he said. “Remember, don’t care what anybody else thinks and do what you need to do.” Then he vanished.



By Joseph Gagnon, 5th grade

It was a sunny day and johhny was playing on his ipad. His mom told him to go get some sun and stop rotting his brian. So he did. He played soccer for a little bit and then he got board so he went to go see if his neighbor was home. He was and his name was christopher. He was like “hey dude do you want to go spy on the creepy guy next door with the awesome trampoline.” So he did agree and they biked over. He was not home so they thought they could bounce on his trampoline. As soon as they got on Christopher heard Something. He thought it was nothing so they kept bouncing but when they tried to get off they couldn’t. It forced them back and the springs turned into teeth and the trampoline ate them. That night their parents were really worried and they went looking for them.

There was these two boys named Jake and Julious. They also lived in the fun trampoline neighborhood. They were having a bomb fire. They were 16 years old so no adults were bye them. It was getting dark and they wanted to go teas the creepy neighbor next door. They saw that he wasn’t home so they went to go bounce on his trampoline. While they were bouncing they heard a person drive in So they tried to run But they couldn’t cause you didn’t hear foot steps you heard screams.

It was another sunny day and Sammy was watching TV. He never got board of TV even when his mom told him to get of. She had to walk over and unplug the TV. She told him to go get exercise but his view of exercise is sitting down in a chair outside. He went to go see if the creepy guy next door was home because they are friends. But only Sammy thinks they are friends. So he went to go knock on his door. He heard a voice in his head that said “Come Bounce on me.” He heard that over and over and there was a trampoline. So from that day you will never hear Sammys’ TV again.

The towns people were very scared about what was going on. The were very worried about thier kids. Every one thought that it was the creepy guy. So he went to jail. They had a pretty good sherif

So He tried really hard to solve the problem. The sherif went over to go see what is in the creepy guy House was like. He found the trampoline. He looked it up in a case cause he senced something suspious. He brouht it to his house and left it outside. The next morning the sherif woke up and he looked outside. The trampoline was gone! He went back to the creepys guy house He saw the trampoline in the back yard. He went over to it and felt the spring. But before he could react it was two late. The trampoline has struck again.

No everyone had no protection and they were doomed. The end


The Dark Forest

By Mazie Bee Giberson, 4th grade

Once upon a time long, long ago there was an eight year old girl, named Lily and her ten year old brother, Fry. They lived in a small town called Fraser. They had so much fun in the town park, but one afternoon they noticed a trial that led into the forbidden forest. They knew that they were not supposed to go in. But Lilly and Fry were soooo adventures… they went in it anyway. About five minutes into the walk they found a little piece of gauze. Fry picked it up, unfolded it, read it out loud and it said…”I WILL FIND YOU!!” Signed by, James E. “What does the E stand for?” Said Fry. “I dunno” Said Lilly. They kept on walking as if nothing ever happened. Their”Its getting dark, Fray said.and I think we should go home soon.” Then Lilly said “Just a few more minutes, please.” “OK,fine” Fry sighed, as they heard a howl from a wolf, and then a hoot from tan owl. In the mist and darkness they saw a …big gray and white, tall Wolf!! One eye was blood red and the other one was black as night! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!” Lilly and Fry’s scream echoed into the trees. Lilly fled back home as Fry stood there and just looked at the Wolf with a trembling body, chattering teeth and fear in his eyes. Then he fled too! But the Wolf followed him. They got home, threw open the door and would not stop shrieking into their parents bedroom! Their parents said to eat some dinner, do there homework and go to bed and that really helped. Then later they went to school, rode the bus home they walked one block down and saw something that they had never seen before. A man…he was reading a book in his front yard and humming to himself. He was an older man that they had ever seen before. A man…he was reading a book in his front yard and humming to himself. He was an older man that must have moved in recently. He had gray, white and black pants. Then he looked up from his book and saw us. Yep his eyes were blue alright! Then they noticed that his mailbox said JamEs.E! They turned and ran! They went camping the next day. Lilly and Fry went on a canoe that night, then they heard something they’d never heard before. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard. But it was something clawing on the boat!! Then they looked over the side of the boat and saw..THE WOLF!!!!!! Then the Wolf said something in this growling voice “I FOUND YOU! I FOUND YOU!”



The Basement

By William Giblin-Howard, 4th grade

Welcome to Hodson, the city of horror. This is where horror movies are made. But, because of the horror, a lot of weird people come here to make these horrors real. Some just do “cosplay,” when people dress up in costumes from movies or videogames for an event. But the serious ones make everything in the horror movies. There are at least 20 crime cases and one quarter of them are about a horror case. The people are thinking it’s for fun because the poice have to keep the real parts of the horror secure. But, real monsters live here,, which a lot of people love and think they’re fake, so Hodson can make money.

It was just another day for the Justinsons. They ate breakfast, went outside and walked the dogs But, the kids started wondering why their dad was going into the basement. Let me explain before we go on, their dad never went into the basement..ever. They started to wonder why When they tried opening the door, their dad ran to the door and said, “Never go into the basement!”

The next day the kids hear an extremely loud bang on the basement door. They really were trying not to go into the basement, but it was too hard. So this time they made cookies to persuade their dad, but it still didn’t work. One night he went down and he didn’t come back up. The noises from the door got weirder and louder.

The next morning there was a mysterious note on the kitchen table. The kids thought it was going to be about their dad. But, someone or something from the basement sent the note up and said, “I have your dad, come down here if you want him back.”

The kids knew it was a trick so they brought a bottle of acid with them that their dad kept in his emergency drawer and used in his experiments. When they went down the basement stairs they went slowly and had their eyes wide open because they had to watch each other’s backs. When they turned on the lights they cold see the monster holding a man that had a mutated head. It was like a lump of dirt and it had tons of weird plants. In the dirt there was an ID badge that said “Dave Justinson.” The kids were horrified by the site of their father.

The kids came at the monster and threw the acid at it and he melted. The monster just grew back. He said there was no cure for the dad, and the kids knew they made a big mistake throwing the acid at the monster. The last sound in the house was the two children screaming at the top of their lungs. And that was the last that anybody ever saw of the Justinsons.

Many years later, a team of construction workers came to the former Justinson property and had to take down the house. When they did, they found a green ooze leading to the sewer. When they followed the trail, they awoke the monster from his sleep!


The Cursed Woods

By Trek Wagley, 4th grade

Have you ever heard the story of the Cursed Woods? Let me tell you. There were three brothers named Zander, Josh, and Mike. School had just got out for summer. “Meet me in the tree house. I want to ask you guys something, “Zander told Mike and Josh. When they met, Zander began. “Have you guys ever been to the Woodland Forest?” “Never heard of it, “Josh and Mike answered. “People say it’s cursed by something, “said Zander. “That’s probably not true,” answered Josh. “There’s only one way to find out,” said Zander. “Boys, pack your things, we’re leaving at 8 o’clock tonight.” Mike and Josh sat still for a moment, but then they started packing supplies. Then, the three boys started walking to “The Cursed Woods”. When they got there they all got a little nervous. They entered anyway. There was a sign that had dirt all over it. There was also a little abandoned shack. It was foggy and pitch black outside. Zander turned on a flash light. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” said Mike. CRACK, CRACK . “What was that?!” Asked Josh. “Probably nothing,” answered Zander. Then, they saw words carved on a tree. It said “You’re next” All three boys were terrified. Then, their flashlight went out. “What? I just put in fresh batteries?” said Mike. Then, the boys saw a shadow. It wasn’t a man or an animal. “I told you this wasn’t a good idea,” Mike told Zander. Suddenly, they saw the shadow again, but it seemed closer. Then, out of nowhere and jumped out and roared. “AHHHHHHHHHH,” the boys yelled and they immediately ran like the wind. As a result, they didn’t see where they were going and fell off a 6 foot cliff and landed in the water. Luckily, none of them got hurt. After a minute, the shadow monster fell into the water with them. It roared and yelled for a second, and then turned to smoke and drifted away in the breeze. The boys stood frozen for a second, and then looked at each other and darted home. They woke up their parents and told them. It was about 11 o’clock at night. When the boy got into their warm beds they all felt relieved. In the morning, they met in their treehouse. All of them stayed quiet for a second. Then Zander spoke. “That was pretty awesome if you ask me. The thing that I still want to know though is what that monster thing was. But what’s for certain is that I’m never stepping into that forest again as long as I live.” The others simply agreed with him. When the summer ended and school started, the boys told all their friends about their adventure. They had to share and right about a summer memory. Of course, Zander, Mike, and Josh chose the Cursed Woods. Their teacher obviously didn’t believe them. They knew that would happen, but they didn’t care and they just smiled.


The Best Halloween Ever

By Janie Waldorf, 3rd grade

Once upon a time me and my friends went Trick or Treating. One of us was a Bat, one was a Vampire and another was a Skeleton. We went around to so many houses that when I got home, I took a nap.

I had a scary dream! A little puppy went into a cave and I followed him into the cave. The cave got smaller and smaller. I heard the puppy crying and I grabbed the crying puppy and my face was wet. I thought that I had slime running down my face but it was the little puppy licking my face.

I woke up and it was just a dream. Then we counted our candy. I ate the Dots and Tootsie rolls . Then I said, “Take off your masks.”

“We do not have masks on!” said the Bat, Vampire and Skeleton. The Vampire then turned into a snake. EEK! The Bat flew up and all around the room. The Skeleton walked out his costume and wiggled around the room. He rattled off. I was nervous and terrified. I screamed!

This was NOT a dream!


The Ghost of the Castle in HillLand

By Morgan Connors, 3rd grade

Once there was a Ghost who was bored of not scaring people. So the ghost went to the castle in HillLand with 4 werewolfs for bodygards.

In the castle the ghost let its spider collection out loose in the castle! One of its werewolfs painted ALL the walls in the castle black. It was spooky.

Meanwhile the people that live in the HillLand did not know a thing about the ghost they thought the king was still ruling HillLand (wich he was at the moment) but the ghost found the king and a werewolf LOCKED HIM IN THE DUNGEON! So the ghost was in control of HILLLAND!

Back in the town the king was supposed to go through town and make sure everything was in order but he never came!

The townsfolk wondered where the king went. So they sent six (6) soldiers to the castle. In the castle 1 of the werewolfs spotted them! It alerted the other werewolves and they killd 5 of the soldiers!

One (1) went Back. She told on the werewolves so 3 went to the castle, killd the werewolves, found the Bloody armor, and left. The bravest knights went to the castle, But the ghost scared them so they went back. More and more knights and soldiers went to the castle. And they all came Back scared. So they asked everyBody: “Who is Brave enough to face that ghost”?

everyBody Looked at eachother

“I Will.” Said a little Boy. “No” said his mom. “Please”? “No” at the little Boy’s House he asked his dad “No” said his dad “But someone has to do something or the ghost will take over HillLand.” “It Will?” Said his mom and dad. “Yes, It Will.” Said the Little boy “OK then Go.” Said his mom. So the Little boy went. On his way he met a girl named Salley. Salley said She will come with him.

So they went and found the ghost. “Ghost, can you Please Go Back to ghostland?” “NO” yelled the ghost. “You can visit the castle” “NO” “You can stay with us.” “NO, NO, NO” “You can scare the other Ghosts” “NO! wait…that sounds fun” “I will go home and scare the other ghosts.” “Thank you” “But can I still come visit you?” “OK”

The End


Luna and the Ghost Clown

By Norah DeVore, 3rd grade

One day Luna was going to her new school. Then, Principal Miles showed her around. Then they saw a shadow but it was just Lexi and Hannah, 4th grade students. Principal Miles handed Luna off to Lexi and Hannah. All of the sudden they heard a creepy laugh. They ran to the music room but no one was there. The piano was playing on it’s own.

“Oh no,” Hannah said,, “Let’s get the principal.” Then the lights turned off and on and Hannah disappeared.

“It’s only the two of us,” Lexi said. “What are we going to do?”

The lights turned off again. The girls held hands. When the lights turned on, the girls had red blood on their face.

The 2 girls ran down the hall and they heard their teacher, Ms Tanner, scream.

Luna said, “Does this happen usually?”

Lexi said, “No, only when new kids come. One year ago, a new boy named Jake came in. We heard the same evil laughs and blood ran down the classroom window. The only way to get rid of the ghost clown is to let him scratch you. The ghost scratched Jake. Blood dripped from his arm onto the ghost, revealing his clown face. He had sharp brown teeth and glowing eyes.”

Ms. Tanner screamed again. The girls followed her scream, but found out it wasn’t Ms. Tanner. It was the ghost clown with big glowing eyes.

Lexi said, “Put your hand out to save us.”

Luna felt nervous but did it anyway. Principal Miles came running, but Luna was dead. She was laying on the classroom floor. Miles made all the students leave the school and go home forever.

Now, only on October 31st, Hannah and Luna are seen as ghosts in the neighborhood.

The end


The Night Before Halloween!

By Madison Kussow, 2nd grade

Once upon a time, there were two lands. In one of them lived mummies, vampires, and other creepy creatures. In the other land lived fairies, butterflies, nice princesses, and other nice creatures and people. They did not get along with the creatures of the other land because they were not alike. Then on the night before Halloween, one of the nice creatures and one of the nice people said they were going to the other land to try to make friends because they had had enough of the fighting and yelling.

On that very same day, one creepy creature said she was tired of the same things. When the creepy creature got to the nice land she stayed how she was. The nice guys did not. One changed into a mummy and one changed into a vampire. They were very surprised! In the nice land when all the nice people saw the creepy girl, they all started to run. The King of the nice land said not to run, but they did not listen to him. Then ran and ran until they got to the creepy land. When they got there they all turned into creepy creatures. All the creepy girl wanted was to make friends. The King in the nice land was impressed with her and they ran to the creepy last together.

When they got there everyone looked around at each other. They realized that they were all different on the outside, but the same on the inside. They became friends and had a big party! The nice people and creatures changed back into themselves.




I See You

By Cody Vilt, 2nd grade

There was a little brave boy on a Halloween nite who was cutting through the dark spoky woods. As he was rushing to get home to eat his candy he tripped on a round thing. I looked like an eyeball. He picked up the really dirty and slimy eye and carried it home. When he got home he put it in his treasure box. That nite he heard a voice say “I see you” then it got louder “I SEE YOU, I SEE YOU.”

He was so scared. He jumped out of bed and threw the eye out the window. Evry nite after he heard that creepy voice in his dreams. So if you see an eyeball don’t pick it up inless it’s candy or else your dreams will be haunted for ever!


The Haunted Video Game

By Eliot Holden, 2nd grade

One night a boy was playing his phone in the middle of the night. It started to rain and it was thundering and lightening out. The boy suddenly got cold and chills ran down his back. He saw a werewolf in the videogame. Then he smelled something funky, it was the werewolfs breath!!!!!!! He looked up because the werewolfs breath was so stinky. The boy saw the werewolf could summon a ghost, a goblin, a witch, and a vampire. The boy was surrounded by the monsters. All of the sudden the power went out. All that was on was his Phone. He got sucked into his Phone and was in the game. He ran through a haunted house while being chased by a two headed cyclops, a mummy, and a big black spikey tarantula. When he was running he tripped hitting his head on a tombstone. When he woke up he saw he was lying in his warm cozy bed and that it had all been just a bad dream.

The end


Creepy Spiders

By Miles Kulpa, 1st grade

A ghost can spook people. A house can turn into a monster. The house has lots of floppy arms with lots of eyes. It looks like a creepy ghost. The creepy ghost has lots of legs like a spider. The house comes alive. It moves down the street looking for trick or treaters. It’s very, very dark outside, it’s darker than night. The trick or treaters can’t see the house. The monster is in front of them and screams “BOO”! The trick or treaters run away. The house follows them. The trick or treaters throw all their candy at the house. The house gobbles is up. The candy turns the monster back into a house. The trick or treaters have to get more candy.


The Mystery of the Castle

By Ian Connors, 1st grade

Once there was a village, and lots of people lived in the village. The people thought that the king would come down from his castle and see if everything was going all right. They didn’t know that werewolves had taken over the castle.

The villagers sent five bodyguards and five soldiers to check on the king. But when they never came back, the villagers stared to get worried. They sent one more soldier and one more bodyguard. They saw the shadow of a werewolf. Then they saw one. And they came back.

The villagers were so excited! Then ran for autographs and grabbed video cameras and some asked what happened. Others asked what they saw. The soldier and the bodyguard answered together. They said, “We saw the dead bodies of the ones you sent before us. We also was a big, muscular shadow.”

The villagers were so scared, five of them fainted. Thirty other bodyguards and soldiers walked up to the two. And they said, “Why don’t we go?” But just as they finished speaking, the ground started to rumble. They looked at the top of the hill and they saw infinity knights. They were jumping over the top of the hill. Some of them did flips.

The knights all stopped. One of them was at the top of the hill, fixing his armor. Just then, the last one jumped over the top of the hill and bounced off the one fixing his armor, and flew through the air. He bumped the back of a knight when he landed, and all the ones in front of him fell like dominoes.

The villagers didn’t know that a few werewolves were getting ready to pounce on the five who had fainted. When they were in the air, they had just come to. They got up and ran for dear life. The werewolves ran right past them back to the castle. The strongest werewolf got very upset when they told him the bad news. He told them to keep track of the king to make sure he doesn’t escape. They did as they were told and they kept track of the king. Of course he never escaped because the dungeon was too deep.

The villagers never saw the king again because one day the werewolves got so hungry they ate him for dessert.



It Creeped Me Out

By Kieran Guziur, 1st grade

It krept my awt one spooky dark night I was Afraid what would happen next.

I was willing to no wat would.

aaaa! Solwly the knob turned and the door opened. blaea! Ooooo! rooorr! Aaaa! It is a Zombie a Goste. Monster.

I screaed so loud I woke up the house and we ran

We went down to the garage my brother graeb my scooter and wakt the skelutines and Crusht them to pesise

and since every thing is Down it is time to go bak to bed

the Eed

The Skeleton’s Night

By Stanley Szczepanski, Fraser Valley Library, Kindergarten

Once upon a time there was a creeeeepy house. In the evening it was a trick-or-treating house, but at night time it was a dark and scary house. And that was the skeleton’s hideout. He always would sneak out at night time and send creepy spiders into people’s houses and they would crawl up their beds and scare them.

On Halloween night, it was dark and foggy. Kids were out trick-or-treating. Then the skeleton creeped out of his house and didn’t use spiders to scare people, he scared the people himself. He made a lot of laughing sounds like “hee hee haw haw haw” (that is always scary). The kids got so scared they dropped all their candy and the skeleton got it all. But skeletons can’t eat candy!

The End


The Chopped Off Hand

By Kade Vilt, kindergarten

Once upon a time there was a chopped off hand in a construction site. Every day when kids walked by for school the hand waved at them. The kids always waved back. One day the kids did not wave back and the hand chased them all the way to the principles office. Then they tippi-toed out to see if the hand was there. The hand was gone! Later that day when they got home, the hand was at their house making a noise. It was inside throwing their food everywhere and juggeling broccoli! The kids kept the hand and taught it how to do their homework. The hand was nice and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End


The Scary Ghost

By Lena Mercier, kindergarten

One day it was a scary night. People were trick-or-treating and they saw a scary ghost. The ghost said “Rawr!” and chased them. They ran as fast as they could until they couldn’t run anymore.

The ghost caught up until the ghost was there. It ate one of the people. The ghost at the next person and the third person, then the fourth person, then the fifth person, and then the sixth. The ghost had a tummy ache. Then, a brave dog came and punched the ghost in the face and the ghost spit all the people out. The dog and people walked away.

They never saw the ghost again, it was an old legend.



By Olivia Robertson, kindergarten

Once upon a time, there was a girl doll and she found a knife on the ground. She lived in a castle that was sooo cold…

She had a dragon and when people visited, the dragon roared and scared the people away.

At nighttime when the darkness came, the dragon would wake up, go outside, and roar fire at the darkness.

The town’s people captured the dragon in great big net and dragged him away. However, the Girl Doll was watching from the Castle Tower. She followed the trail, ripped the net open with the knife freeing him! She hopped on Dragon’s back and they flew back home to live in the Castle! Dragon kept a fire going in the fireplace and it made the Castle cozy and warm.

The End.



Sister Ghosts Story

By Ashlyn Munn, kindergarten

Once upon a time, there was a ghost named Morana. She liked to eat skeleton bones in the graveyard of ships. There was a buried ghost under the water, and one time a ship carried the ghost up on its anchor. That ghost’s name was Elana and she was Morana’s sister. They did not see each other in a long long time. The two ghosts went to the playground and then went to a house with a jungle gym in it where a spooky skeleton lived. They stayed away from the ocean because it had stingrays. They were scary happily ever after.

The end



By Jayden Olson, 2nd grade

Once upon a time, I was walking down from my cabin to my camper. It was getting dark out and I was a little scared, anyways, then I heard a screeching noise in the woods. So I stopped, and the noise stopped too. I started walking and it started up again. Then I heard a scream. When I looked over, I saw big RED EYES staring at me. I took off running to the camper and the screaming got louder. I went in the camper and locked the door. I sat down to catch my breath so I could stop shaking, then I heard scratching on the door. I opened the door and nothing was there so I closed the door and the scratching started up again but this time it was on the window. I looked over and saw those RED EYES staring at me. I jumped back, yikes… Then I opened the door and saw a big black rat standing there. I looked at him; he looked at me and started breathing, breathing green steam out of his nose. He ran at me and I screamed. Then he jumped up and bit my face. Ouchy, Mom where are you?


The Zombie Shape Shifter

By Reyna Schurer, 3rd grade

Once upon a time on the night after Halloween I was walking with my friend Amy, and suddenly were heard growling and more growling. It was coming from that bush right over there. A bunny with bloody red eyes hopped out and he turned into a wolf right in front of our eyes. He attacked us and dragged us into his cave. He almost killed us but we got away. We had scars all over our bodies from him dragging us. We have never seen anything like this before… We were so shocked by this and curious that we went back to the bush to investigate and we saw bones, bones, and more bones. We left the bushes and started walking home. On the way home, we saw tons of bones and skulls.

Later that day, we went to the library to research what it could have been. In the non-fiction section we found out it was a Zombie Shape Shifter. The scars we have started looking like zombie eyes.

The next day we were getting ready to sleep outside in our backyard tent. We brought our camera, flashlight, and the Zombie Shape Shifters book. My mom made dinner and we ate it in the tent.   We heard some growling so we looked through the window but nothing was there. It was scratching now at the tent door. We screamed bloody murder and it never came back again.

Later we read in the newspaper that the Zombie Shape Shifter killed 8,500 people on the night after Halloween.

The End



By Jon Schurer, 4th grade

Once there was a small town in Giantville, where giant people live. However, there was a zombie apocalypse going on everywhere but in this small town. As you know, we are small people in a small town with giant zombies wandering around. I know I have a fate but I do not know what it is quite yet. It was getting dark and I was in a fallout shelter with two of my friends, Joe & John. I felt the wall shaken, BOOM… BOOM…BOOM… BOOM… The BOOMS were getting louder; I knew something big was coming. “It’s here,” I shouted at my friends. It’s going to break the shelter, Joe cried out. OOOOOOOooooo. Did I tell you this is my Dad’s shelter and I know many people died here? I saw the whites of bloody red eyes with no pupils. They were in every doorway. They were coming closer to us. The metal in the fallout shelter was being ripped in half. Now, we could see bloody ghosts in every doorway and a zombie giant. I looked to my left, and Joe was gone, looked to my right and John was gone. I was all alone and the ghosts were scraping the metal walls, as they were getting closer to me, I was petrified! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeech, Screeeeeeeeeeeeeech, Screeeeeeeeeeeeeech, Screeeeeeeeeeeeeech…The giant was chewing on something and can you guess whom it was? I think I know… You dropped a piece I said to myself, it was a hand; it was Joe’s hand, I could tell that by the bracelet.

Chomp, chomp, screeeeech, screeeeech.

The giant reached out for me, he picked me up. He opened his bloody mouth, looked me in the eye. I looked into is blood red eyes and ate me and squash went my little head!

My blood rained all over the ghosts.

The three friends were never seen around Giantville again.

The end….


The Clown Next Door

By Kaylee Hoover, 5th grade

There’s a clown next door. Mom says he’s just a party person. But, me, I know he isn’t. He brings a body bag home everyday! Don’t you think that’s creepy? He also, has a van that says, “5 an hour Hugs the clown” I just hate him. When we moved here, he gave us homemade cotton candy and a coupon for him. Oh, I just hate clowns, happy, sad, scary, I just hate them.

Once, he took me on a fishing trip, I just don’t know why my mom so chill about strangers, and afterwards he took me to his house. He had a bunch of kid pictures but they were all clowns and they went missing the week after the picture.

He took me to a room and said “Let’s make you into a clown like the kids on the wall,” with an eerie smile.

Never!” I yelled back.

“Why? You would make a great clown, just imagine you could help me make more than money… ”

“What do you want to do with me?”

“Oh, nothing just want to play dress up,” he said with an innocent look on his face.

“Okay,” I said with a sly clever look on my face.

“Okay, you can color, while I get the clown stuff,” he said as he waved goodbye and locked the door.

There was a room, a bathroom, with no lock. I looked around and saw a window. I remembered that the window was across from my mom’s bedroom. Whenever she walks in the room she always looks at the window to see if I’m telling the truth. I was coloring, A.K.A writing a rainbow help sign, to see better. Then I colored a gun!

The clown came in. “Did you color?” he asked.

“Yeah, I colored a gun!” he looked confused.

“Well it’s time to play dress up. I got all the stuff, the knife, the suit, and the face. Also we can be twins,” he said as he went from a happy voice to an eerie voice.

“You don’t have a clown face, why do I have to?” I said as he pulled off his mask.

“Why me”

“Get the suit on first”, he snapped.


“Okay then it is time for the hard part, I saw your face off!”

“No!” Mom come on… just come in the room I thought to myself.

“We don’t have all day, Jack!”

“OKAY, BUT LETS BE RIGHT HERE, IN THE LIGHT” I said as I saw the door creak open. The knife was barely at my face then… ding dong.       “I’ll be right back!”      My mom was yelling at him to see me, he yelled too but for me to come down. I brought the blood stained knife down with me and my mom saw it and called 911. The clown was gone and my family was happy but with that memory tattooed in their mind.


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