Army medic and family enjoy some R&R, Winter Park style |

Army medic and family enjoy some R&R, Winter Park style

Courtesy Photo- Sgt. Marshall Leary, his wife Kaylee, and son Jerry enjoyed an expense-paid trip to Grand County this weekend.

Sgt. Marshall Leary enjoyed an all-expense-paid trip to Grand County with family during a recent weekend.The trip was sponsored by Operation Vacation, a nonprofit organization with the mission of treating soldiers and their families to free vacations at Colorado resorts.Learys platoon sergeant offered him the trip. The Billings, Mont., native is stationed in Fort Carson. He went on the trip with his wife, Kaylee, and 7-year-old son Jerry. This was his first time to Grand County. His only plan for his weekend getaway was to relax and enjoy the area.He said he loves the mountains. The Learys have four children: Jerry, Katie, Ashli and Cody. He has served in the Army for 12 years. During that time, hes been deployed in Korea and Iraq.The medic says the best part of his job is saving peoples lives, while the hardest part is being so busy.We will always be here to protect and serve the people of the United States, he said. Im always prepared to save lives, either military or civilian.

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