Artists Stacey L. Peterson, Cydney Springer featured at Winter Park art gallery |

Artists Stacey L. Peterson, Cydney Springer featured at Winter Park art gallery

The work of two renowned western artists will be featured beginning Friday at the Elk Horn Gallery in Winter Park.Stacey L. PetersonGrowing up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Littleton, Stacey L. Peterson developed a love for the outdoors that influences her artwork today. An avid hiker, backpacker, and triathlete, Peterson draws upon her time outdoors to provide the inspiration for her landscape paintings. She often works on location, and uses her plein air studies as reference for studio works that depict locations in the wilderness areas of Colorado and the Mountain West.At age 30, Stacey is already an award-winning painter, most recently honored with Jury’s Top Fifty at the 2008 Salon International show and awards of excellence at the Oil Painters of America’s 15th and 16th national exhibitions. She was featured as one of Southwest Art Magazine’s “21 Under 31” in 2006, and has also had her work published in American Artist Magazine.Peterson developed a love of art in early childhood, but took a career detour on the way to becoming a professional artist. Although she excelled in the arts as a child and received encouragement to pursue a career in design, she also did well in math and science and ultimately followed the advice of those who encouraged her to obtain a more practical engineering degree that she put to use in Texas and Colorado. Fulfilling a childhood dream, Peterson quit her environmental engineering job in 2006 to pursue painting full-time.Primarily a self-taught artist, Stacey’s art education includes coursework at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and workshops with nationally recognized painters Dan Young, Jay Moore, and John David Phillips.Stacey lives in Granby with her husband Nathan, 2-year-old daughter Aspen, and “enthusiastic” golden retriever Bailey.Cydney SpringerCydney Springer lives and paints at Redwing Studio on a hillside overlooking Estes Park with windows that frame Longs Peak.”I’ve always been most present with myself when I’m close to nature like this,” she says. “I feel at peace here, and grateful to live in such beauty.”As a child, Cyd felt drawn to the wild places, where houses left off and forests began.”My grandmother lived in the woods, and in those woods was a creek. It was totally banked in green moss, wild violets, and flowers,” she muses. “I was awe-struck by that fairy land; it was incredibly beautiful and mysterious.”Cydney conveys that sense of awe in her landscapes, portraying the natural world sensitively and passionately. Rich and muted colors and contrasting light and dark imagery vivify distant mountains, trails gilded by aspen leaves, reflections dancing on water.After studying art in high school and college, Cyd broke free of a long career in graphic design to study intently with artists who inspired her and her work. In 2004, she stepped into the life of professional artist. Her passion for her work comes across in a style that presents Nature with what can only be described with the deepest honor, love, respect.”It’s as if I truly am summoned by the Earth and the Sky,” she reflects. “Nature calls me, and I must respond. I answer that call with paint, with gratitude, and always, always with love, awe, and humility.” Cydney Springer and her husband, Greg, live in the red cottage with two schnauzers, Pippin and Gracie, and with paintings on every wall and surface.