Arts Council appreciates turnout for ‘Night in Morocco’ |

Arts Council appreciates turnout for ‘Night in Morocco’

To the Editor:

The Grand Arts Council would like to thank everyone who came out to experience “A Night In Morocco” on Sept. 19. This festive annual dinner was a great experience for the eyes, the ears and the stomach. And this first formal dinner in the Grand Arts Center was a huge success, proving the value of this new facility to our community.

Sherry Kent, of Showboat Catering, prepared an exotic and exciting menu that was even a surprise to me until the morning of the dinner. There were many new and exciting flavors, like minted watermelon, but the most often heard comment was “yumm.” Sherry’s ability to make it all flow perfectly added to the elegance of the evening.

However, having a a great location and great food is not enough for a facility that is not quite fully outfitted. A big thank you goes out to those businesses and individuals who stepped up with the loan of essentials. Silverware, napkins and glassware – Cheryl Hoese; plates, coffee cups and ice – Gateway Inn; sound system – Michael’s Audio; tasty exotic liqueur – Waconda. The volunteers who decorated, helped at the event, and cleaned up are – Lindsey Arntson, Barbara Stemple, Justin Taylor, Crystal Myers, Lori Crane, Jim Peterson and a bevy of belly dancers. Thank you all.

As the lights dimmed and the music began, costumed dancers from around the West who had gathered for a workshop, interpreted the music with candles, veils, swords and dazzling dress. A big thank you to Rafi’ah of Denver for hosting her dance workshop at the Grand Arts Center in Grand Lake, and for providing such great entertainment. The fun went on into the night with guests getting in on the dancing and drumming.

It was a perfect evening filled with magic and excitement, thanks to all who made it happen. Make sure it’s on your calendar for next year. To schedule your own event, or help in outfitting the facility, please call me for details.

Cathy Walton-Smith, president

Grand Arts Council