Asphalt Care a family business |

Asphalt Care a family business

Ariadyn Hansen
Sky-Hi Daily News
Winter Park, Colorado

On a summer day, you can find father and son Blair and Brady Kilgallen preserving driveways, parking lots and roads throughout Grand County.

The Kilgallens started Grand County Asphalt Care Specialists back in 2001 after Blair Kilgallen looked into the business opportunity.

“Someone had sealed our driveway,” Kilgallen said, “so I looked into it and there was a need for it.”

Here’s how it works–the seal coating they put on the asphalt replaces surface fines in the pavement and helps protect the oils that would otherwise be lost due to the sun’s oxidation.

Kilgallen said their business has improved over the past years by experimenting with different seal coats, and finally finding a premium seal coat product that protects for up to four years instead of two.

“People need to do sealing every three to four years to prevent damage,” Kilgallen said. “The longer it goes without being sealed, the more oils they lose.”

GCACS also works with the paving company.

“Paving will install and then one year later we come in and seal the coating,” Kilgallen said.

A study of the Department of Transportation showed that effective crack sealing significantly reduces future pavement deterioration and extends the life of asphalt.

When it comes to doing commercial parking lots, Kilgallen said they preserve the asphalt, but they also like to leave a nice presentation for customers.

“We help with presentation through seal coating, crack sealing, striping, black top and minor asphalt repair,” Kilgallen said.

Kilgallen said months June through August are the best times for pavement maintenance due to ground temperatures having to be high enough for proper seal coat application.

Kilgallen’s 23-year-old son Brady joined his father in 2003 to help with the business.

“We both have our roles,” Kilgallen said, ” mine is more the administrative side and he is more of the site manager.”

According to Kilgallen, the most important aspect of the business is giving back to the customers and the community.

“We think it is important to contribute to the community, every year we provide services on a charitable basis,” Kilgallen said. “We’ve done work for fire departments and churches in Grand County.”

Kilgallen said if anyone knows of a deserving organization in the community, they can contact GCACS and they will consider the organization.

“We love giving back to the community,” Kilgallen said.

Blair and his wife Rachel currently reside in Winter Park after moving from Dallas over 15 years ago.

“We love to call Winter Park home,” Kilgallen said.

To obtain more information on asphalt preservation, you can visit their Web site at

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