In the schools: Awards for elementary schools |

In the schools: Awards for elementary schools

Great happenings in East Grand Schools the week of June 12. At the end of every year, our schools have awards ceremonies where we get to recognize all of the achievements of our students throughout the year. This year we did not get to have those ceremonies in person so we are listing the many recognitions our great students earned and received this year in the Sky-Hi News. Stay tuned for awards for the middle and high school students.

Fraser Valley Elementary

Presidential Excellence Awards — Zanna Berman, Noelle Hammond

Presidential Award of Achievement — Torra Foltz, Zach Hoyhtya

Belonging Award — 5th- Reese Avial, Collin Huntington, Ezra Kee, Lolo Pearce; 4th-Michael Bradley, Addyson Cavera, Kendall Glancey, Avery Jacobson, Ethan Merrick, Rocco Miller; 3rd-Alejandro Castillo, Avery Martin, Judah Thomas, Alexi Unruh, Arley Vazquez

Confidence to Take Action Award — 5th-Zanna Berman, Madison Geib, Lindsey Gutierrez, Siena Marshall, Isabella Mooney, Virgil Villup; 4th-Sydney Conroy, Garrett Jarznka, Madison Kussow, Hazel Morrow, Max Pacocha, Madai Varela; 3rd-Luka Ennis, Jaqui Flores, Ayza Priebe, Johnny Vella

Curiosity and Creativity Award — 5th-Eli Chua, Jack Feltz, Morgan Huntington, Khalil Maunders, Owen McCay, Maija Relyea; 4th-Dana Castaneda, Logan Glancey, Hayden Kielley, Eli Redding; 3rd-Jaylinne Chavez, Kenley Evenson, Maya Kervin, Lily McCay, Zoe Sullivan

English Acquisition Award — 4th- Dana Castaneda

Fun and Excitement Award — 5th- Dani Avila, Emma Bailey, Callee Fournet, Skyla Jolly, Sean Sullivan; 4th-Harper Bishop, Ella Hawkins, Eliot Holden, Rowan McNeil; 3rd-Benjamin Barker, Brooklyn Bronk, Sarah Geib, Miles Kulpa

Heroes Award — 5th-Leah Black, Isidro Molina, Irvin Rios Castillo, Lily Tindle Jillian Wehmeyer.; 4th-Peyton Anderson, Caden Castillo, Alivia Martin, Jack McConathy, Lexie Torres; 3rd- Brianna Byrnes, Wyatt Feeley, Reider Henry, Aidan Rodriguez Molina, Laila Waldow

Leadership and Responsibility Award — 5th-Guiselle Castillo, Forrest Cramer, Noelle Hammond, Zach Hoyhtya, Avery McVeigh, Abrianna Vail; 4th-Ellie Brooks, Begona Diaz de la Torre, Jesus Holguin, Aedan lee, Avangelina Svoboda; 3rd- Everett Deramo, Katie Jocobsen, Grayson Orrtner, Sadie Stoltz, Kayden Valan

Sense of Accomplishment Award — 5th-Derrick Base, Emilia Hadden, Jess Heid, Juan Carlos Terrazas, Tess Williams; 4th-Madison Hurd, Mason McNeil, Anahi Rocha, Lulu Turk, Linkin Wehmeyer; 3rd-Sloane Bishop, Fletcher Cahalane, Briz Cantu Palacios, Stella Prothero

Spirit of Adventure Award — 5th-Peyton Bailey, Keviah Carlson, Torra Foltz Flynn Livingston; 4th-Morgan Armstrong, Elana Holden, Mason Lipscomb, Madden Purdy; 3rd- Gissel AlFaro, Gunnar Daley-Gould, Tori Feltz, Kieran Guziur, Axel Quintana

Student Council — Grade 4- Elana Holden, Eli Redding, Ellie Brooks, Kendall Glancey, Alivia Martin, Avery Jacobson, Madai Varela, Sydney Conroy, Begona Diaz de la Torre, Ella Hawkins, Dana Castaneda, Lexie Torres, Harper Bishop, Hael Morrow, Eliot Holden, Lulu turk, Peyton Anderson, Madison Kusso, Anahi Rocha, Hayden Kielley, Ava Svoboda, Addyson Cavera; 5th- Abianna Vail, forrest Carmer, Siena Marshall, Zanna Berman, Maija Relyea, Bella Mooney, Emilia Hadden, Torra Foltz, Lily Tindle, Guiselle Castillo, Collin Huntington, Reese Avila, Virgil Villup, sean Sullivan, Derrick Base, owen McCay

Excellence in Science — 3rd- Wyatt Feeley, Avery Martin, Laila Waldow; 4th-Madison Hurd, Kendall Glancey, Avery Jacobson, Lulu Turk, Eli Redding; 5th- Zanna Berman, Madison geib, Collin Huntington

P.E. Central Cooperative Skills Challenge — Bronze Medals: 3rd- Sloane Bishop; 4th- Kendall Glancey, Sydney Conroy, Elana Holden, Begona Diaz de la Torre, Max Pacocha, Louise Turk, Peyton Anderson, Hayden Kielley, Madison Kussow, Ethan Merrick; 5th- Zanna Berman, Cailee Fournet, Zachary Hoyhtya, Ezra Kee, Jillian Wehmeyer, Siena Marshall, Tess Williams, Noelle Hammond, Skyla Jolly, Reese Avila, Keviah Carlson, Torra Foltz, Avery McVeigh. Silver Medals: 4th- Alivia Martin, Caden Castillo, Harper Bishop; 5th-Khalil Maunders. Gold Medals: 4th- Ellie Brooks, Madai Varela; 5th-Jessia Heid, Jack Feltz, Elias Chua.

Amazing Artist Award — EGSD Virtual District Art Show — 5th- Jillian Wehmeyer, Collin Huntington, Morgan Huntington, Dani Avila, Maija Relyea, Keviah Carlson, Forrest Cramer, Reese Avila; 4th- Peyton Anderson, Lulu Turk, addyson Cavera, Hayden Kielley, avery Jacobson, Ellie Brooks, Madison Kussow, Ethan Merrick, Jack McConathy Ellie Redding; 3rd- Sadie Stoltz, Everett Deramo, Laila Waldow, Katie Jacobsen.

Granby Elementary School

Student Council Representatives — Henry Piller, Landon Gayton, Chase Fosha, Quinn Miller, Aaliyah Roberts, Sydney Rector, Tyler Schroetlin, Zac Boeckers, Riley Piller, Tyler Schroetlin.

Talent Show Participants — Lucas Williams, Huntington Christian, Quin Miller, Micah Degginger, Gretta Roehrs, Jolee Paugh, Elizabeth Horsley, Briell Eaton-Ahrens, Hayden St. Germain, Sydney Rector, Rylee Piller, Dylan McGuan, Holden Nicholls.

Perfect Attendance — Tyler Faulkner, Xaviery Hanna, Ebby Lamont, Kit Michalowski, Asa Montandon, Jolee Paugh, Hali Robinson, Arlo Rust, Amanda Sandoval Castillo, Mariela Sandoval Castillo, Waylon Towne.

2020 Virtual Science Fair Award Winners

Research — 1st place 5th grade – Riley – Penguin vs. Polar Bear, 1st place 4th grade – Chantel – How do Stalactites form?, 2nd place – Xia – How does a Tsunami form?, 3rd place – Zaiden – Yellowstone Supervolcano.

4th Grade Engineering — 2nd place – Westen – What Makes a Hovercraft Move?, 3rd place – Mason – Torsion Catapult.

4th Grade Scientific Method — 1st place – Adam – A Crystal-Clear Explanation, 2nd place – Allie – A Penny For Your Thoughts, 2nd place – Annabelle – Colors of Cloth, 3rd place – Maddox – Bubbleology, 3rd place – Micah – Keep it Cold, 4th place – Quinn – How to Make Crystal Snowflakes, 5th place – Gretta – Scotchgard vs. Oxyclean, 6th place – Wyatt – Soda vs. Mentos, 7th place – Payton – Fruit Smoothies, 8th place – Arlo – Chocolate Bowls

5th Grade Engineering — 3rd place – Dylan R. – Dirt Bikes, 4th place – Max – Wheels, 5th place – George – Best Snacks.

5th Grade Scientific Method — 1st place – Dylan M. – Sam and Doris Sounds, 2nd place – Zach – Does Cold Water Boil Faster Than Hot Water?, 3rd place – Hannah – Food Battery, 4th place – Mea – Avoc do’s and Avoc don’ts, 5th place – Lucas – Density Tower, 5th place – Mariella – The Bouncy Egg, 6th place – Hayden – Why do Limes Sink and Lemons Float?.

Special Awards donated by local businesses:

Middle Park 4H — Best 4th grade Engineering – Ryan – Radio Controlled, Best 5th grade Engineering – Kaija – The Phonograph

Fraser Medical Clinic — Best Life Science Project – Sydney – Semaphorins

Colorado Headwaters Landtrust — Best Environmental Project – Tyler S. – Ecosystems

Mountain Parks Electric — Best Energy Project – Lewis – Wind Energy, Best Overall Project – Cooper – Reducing Sound

GES Minnesingers:

5th Grade — Scarlett Palacios, Jarrod Landry, Evalyn Churchill, Lucas Williams, Riley Piller, Kaylee Bartkow-Geist, Haylee Bartkow-Geist, Kollin McBride, MaKayla Metcalf, Mariela Sandoval-Castillo, Reyna Schurrer, Dylan McGuan, Hannah Bauckman, Lidia Jones, Inayara Oliviera.

4th Grade — Adeline Skawinski, Mason Massengill, Sydney Rector, Annabelle Scott, Gretta Roehrs, Lauren Bullock, Saphira Hotham, Quinn Miller, Hailey Mason, Jolee Paugh, Chantel Doney , Aaliyah Roberts.

3rd Grade — Brooke Riddle Robinson, Eleseya Morgan , Curran Locteff, Hama Douglas, Journee Hoffert, Skye Oveson, Henry Piller, Sierra Bonnett, Cameron Potter, Aspen Baukman, Kaiden Gutierrez , Lillie Sturgeon, Eleanor Sanders, Jacob Alvarado, Emalee Brosze, Russell Sharnowski.

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