Baird, Hart: Dog accident not due to drunk driver |

Baird, Hart: Dog accident not due to drunk driver

To the Editor:

To Mary Reimer and family:

A very sad thing happened in Grand County on Jan. 2. A beautiful German

Shepherd ran out onto Highway 34 and was immediately hit by a car. I know

because I was a passenger in that car.

If, as anticipated by someone not present at the time, my friend had swerved

or even had time to brake, the incident could have been worse, as there was

traffic in both directions at the time.

My friend, a responsible, sober, driver was able to maintain control, pull

over, and after allowing several cars to pass, U-turned and went back to the

house we thought the dog had come from. A drunk driver would not have gone

back to the house and pulled into the driveway to tell someone there had

been an accident involving their pet.

Another friend and fellow passenger went immediately to the dog and stayed

with him in the deep snow on the side of the road. He was not alone when he

expired from his unfortunate injuries, something we were grateful for. We

were all shocked and heartbroken because of this terrible incident.

Yes, we did not stay at the location for long. Some yelling occurred, but

not by my friend. We were told to leave in a very unsavory manner, in what I

would nicely call a very loud voice. At that point, we did leave.

It is a horrendous assumption that this was the result of drunken


I would like to take this opportunity to plead with pet owners to be extra

cautious when they let their pets outdoors, especially after dark, on busy

highways, and when roads are icy. The speed limit on Highway 34 is 50 mph!

Living where we do, we expect the occasional fox, skunk, or porcupine,

raccoon, deer, elk, or even moose to cross our paths at any time, but no one

I know would deliberately go out of their way to hit any animal. My friend

incurred more than $1,000 of damage to her vehicle and everyone experienced

trauma and heartache as a result of this accident.

Drive safely and keep your pets away from danger, PLEASE!

Concerned friends of a responsible driver,

Lu Baird and Crystal Hart

Grand Lake

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