Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado returns to Grand County Friday, June 29 |

Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado returns to Grand County Friday, June 29

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The program will include music from Germany, France and England, including works by Handel and Telemann. One of the French Baroque pieces we will do – a suite from Il Pastor Fido – was long thought to be by Vivaldi. It was only recently discovered that it was written by a composer named Chedeville. He (or his publisher) had put Vivaldi’s name on it in hopes of selling copies in France, where there was a huge demand for Vivaldi’s music. We’ll also play The Characters of the Dance by the Parisian composer Rebel. It quickly moves through 14 different dance rhythms that were popular in the 18th century, with a seamless transition from dance to dance. It’s one of our favorite pieces, and can be played with any size ensemble.

Frank Nowell, Artistic Director, Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado

GRAND COUNTY – The Grand County Concert Series offers its sixth concert with Musicians from the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado. The ensemble makes its second appearance in Grand County on Friday, June 25 at 7 p.m. at the Church of the Eternal Hills in Tabernash.

“I’m very excited to play again for the Grand County Concert Series. We brought the orchestra to the series a couple years ago for the Vivaldi Four Seasons,” said Frank Nowell, Artistic Director for the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado. “This time we will have a smaller group, and will focus on Baroque chamber music that is less well-known. We love performing hidden treasures of the era, with the hope of introducing audiences to lesser-known music that is so incredibly rich.”

The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado is a period-instrument ensemble that specializes in the music of the 17th and 18th centuries. The historically informed performance (HIP) movement has roots in the pioneering 19th-century work of Arnold Dolmetsch and in 20th-century European trailblazers who paved the way for an explosion of interest in music from the past and how it is performed.

Perhaps the most important aspect of HIP is the concept of musical rhetoric. Rhetorical music aims to evoke and provoke emotions – the Affections, or Passions – that were shared by everyone. A wide range of musical aspects are built on understanding musical rhetoric, such as sound, tempos and phrasing. There are also aspects of playing various instruments, such as bowing, fingering, and how one holds an instrument.

“A unique aspect of our group is that we play on period instruments. All our instruments are either original instruments from the 17th or 18th centuries, or copies by contemporary makers,” said Nowell. “For the Grand County concert, we will have Baroque violins, recorders and harpsichord, plus a unique opportunity to hear the Baroque bassoon!”

According to Nowell, baroque music, with its authentically organic sound and its emphasis on expressing the range of human emotion, speaks directly to our time.

“For me, we are not about recreating music of the past for its own sake, but rather to bring it alive for 21st-century audiences,” emphasized Nowell.