Barton Phillips: We should remember Dennis Richie |

Barton Phillips: We should remember Dennis Richie

To the Editor:

On Oct. 8 Dennis Richie died at the age of 70. Many may not know who Dennis Richie was.

Richie was the designer of the ‘C’ programming language and a co-developer of Unix in the late 1960s. Richie was one of the great giants of computer science, and it is very sad and disheartening that our mainstream media did not remember this man who had a truly enormous impact on all the technology we use today.

Richie was an engineer and a technologist, not a marketeer and business mogul and for that reason, I am sure, his ground breaking work and influence on the late 20th century was not heralded by the press when he died.

Richie’s work made it possible for marketeers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to create vast empires and gadgets that we all know. Here is a link to Wikipedia’s article on Richie, He is important enough to take the time to read about.

Barton Phillips


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