Becky Brosh honored as Grand County Realtor of the Year |

Becky Brosh honored as Grand County Realtor of the Year

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County


If the roles were reversed, characteristics Becky Brosh would look for in a person helping her to find a home would be someone “excited to be assisting me, someone who knows the market, and someone with a good rapport in the community,” she said.

Without respect among peers, a person would be hard-pressed to do the needed research to research a property.

“That’s what I strive to be,” said Brosh, a licensed Realtor in Grand County since 1998.

Last week, Brosh’s peers awarded her the prestige of “Realtor of the Year,” a title recognized at state and national Realty events.

The presentation took place during a “hippy-“themed dinner hosted by the Grand County Board of Realtors.

The award constitutes local board involvement, volunteer service to the board, involvement in the state and national association, volunteer service to the community, local charitable contributions, education, certifications and Realtor spirit, according to Board of Realty Executive Director Deb Brynoff.

Originally from Westminster, Brosh and her former husband moved to Grand County to purchase the old Broken Arrow motel. Realtor Sandra Glance hired Brosh as her assistant, and upon gaining her license shortly thereafter, Brosh became the first licensed assistant in Grand County, she said.

“Sandra was my mentor. I was her little mini-me, and she was awesome.”

Brosh shadowed Glance, learning the ropes of home sales in the mountain community until she felt prepared enough to go out on her own.

She now presides as the managing broker of Edgewater Realty, Granby, and volunteers on the town’s board of zoning and adjustment and the planning commission. She is a past president of the Board of Realtors and is the current president of the Grand County Builders Association.

Her husband Stu is an audio and visual technician at an Illinois school district. The couple shares time in both Colorado, where they own a home at Edgewater Resort, and Illinois.

Coping in a snail-paced economy is “challenging,” the Realtor said. There are lookers, but sales are down.

“But the upside is it gives me more time for volunteer time,” she said.

Brosh is the mother of 21-year-old Jake and 23 year-old Roz. Roz has was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. Brosh involved her in the National Sports Center for the Disabled upon moving to Grand County.

Reflecting on her award, Brosh expressed how “funny and odd” the timing of it was.

“The last few months,” she said candidly, “it’s been impressed upon me how important it is to really invest in people. Consciously, I’ve been trying to do that … maybe I’m sensitive to that from my daughter.”

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