Benjamin Kane: Congress shouldn’t play politics with the Upper Colorado |

Benjamin Kane: Congress shouldn’t play politics with the Upper Colorado

Untangling my Fly Line on the Upper Colorado

To the Editor:

Most Coloradans agree that fishing the banks of the Upper Colorado River is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon. I know I wasted many an afternoon unsuccessfully trying to untangle my fly line on the banks of the Colorado below Granby Reservoir, and I’m sure I am not alone.

For more than a decade, though, the Upper Colorado has been at risk of more pollution, thanks to two Supreme Court decisions, which left 68 percent of Colorado’s small streams at risk, including those that feed into the Upper Colorado.

And even though it is a special area that all Coloradans know and love, some polluters and their allies in Congress think it is OK to play politics with the Colorado.

Just as President Obama is about to sign off on new protections for our waterways to help protect the Upper Colorado and many other waterways in Colorado, Sens. Barrasso (Wyoming) and Paul (Kentucky) have introduced two provisions to the Farm Bill that will block these protections entirely, and take the Clean Water Act back in time several decades.

Congress shouldn’t play politics with the Upper Colorado. We need the president to sign off on these protections, and furthermore, we need Sens. Bennett and Udall to stand up for Colorado’s waterways and vote against these two awful provisions, as well as any other attempts to block clean water protections in Colorado.

Benjamin Kane

Grand Lake

and Jefferson County