Beth Sands takes over Fraser Curves |

Beth Sands takes over Fraser Curves

Autumn Phillips
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Grand County, Colorado
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No men. No mirrors.

That no-judgment atmosphere has always been the trademark of Curves, a chain of women-only fitness centers.

For years, the Curves franchise in Fraser has been owned by Nancy Hale, but will be changing hands by early May.

Beth Sands will be the new owner of Curves in Fraser, located in the Safeway shopping center.

“I heard the rumor that there was an offer and it had fallen through,” Sands said. “I heard that Nancy was still looking for a buyer, so I approached her.”

Sands was a Curves member until August last year, when she lost her job and had to scale back expenses.

She searched for another job, but didn’t find the right next step ” until now, she said. “This just clicked.”

Sands has been a business owner much of her working life. She owned a Mexican restaurant in New Zealand, a travel agency in New Mexico and has been self employed as a real estate broker since moving to Grand County 10 years ago.

Nancy Hale said she will miss owning the Fraser Curves.

“I will hate leaving,” she said. “We moved here 10 years ago and Tom (her husband) was the town manager of Granby. You don’t make friends when your husband is in politics.

“Since opening Curves in Fraser, I’ve made lots of friends.”

Hale will stay through the transition to make sure Sands is successful.

Sands does not plan any immediate changes to the business.

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” Sands said.

Joining Curves is not like joining a regular gym. Curves offers a circuit of machines that are used in a specific order over 30 minutes.

A woman’s voice fills the room every 30 seconds, “Change stations now.”

“The circuit works all major muscle groups in 30 minutes,” Hale said. “Women tell me they run, ski and do the treadmill, but they aren’t working their upper body.”

Members are given a microchip that monitors their workout. It sets the machines to their ability and health goals.

“It’s tailored exactly to you,” Hale said.

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