Bettie and Yetti were quite a pair, and now Yetti needs a new friend |

Bettie and Yetti were quite a pair, and now Yetti needs a new friend

To the Editor:

I am writing about Bettie McFarland and her dog Yetti.

I have watched for a notice of Bettie’s death on Jan. 31, 2009. There has been no notice for Bettie, but there was Yetti, the faithful husky, in” Pets for Adoption.” Let me tell you about these two.

Last spring I saw the picture of Yetti in “Pets for Adoption.” I have had six wonderful huskies. They are a wonderful breed. The last four were adopted, in-need dogs. Our sixth is now 16. I saw Yetti and my heart cared so much that she would find a home. I couldn’t take her because of my old friend.

Each Wednesday the first page I checked was the pet page. Each time there was Yetti. I told so many people about her, trying to find someone who would help. Then one Wednesday her picture wasn’t there.

Someone who knew of my concern, knew who had adopted her. Bettie McFarland the owner of Preferred Cleaner, in Fraser.

I went over to Bettie’s Laundromat to thank her. I took some “congratulations” dog biscuits for Yetti. I had a nice visit with Bettie, and got to know a little about her.

Bettie was an older, frail woman, with many health problems. More importantly, she had a “good heart.” She recognized my love of dogs, and we chatted.

Bettie said she had always loved dogs, and had grown up with them. Her father had raised and trained hunting dogs. She wanted so much to play with them. Her father said “no, it would ruin them as hunting dogs.” Bettie kept at it, and finally her father gave in. Bettie got a puppy. She cared for it and trained it. This dog became their best hunting dog, and her father realized being a pet made his dogs better.

Bettie said she’d always had a dog in her life until a few years ago. She really missed having a dog. Then she saw Yetti’s picture. She told people she wanted to adopt Yetti. Friends told her to get a small dog. Bettie said she knew Yetti was the one.

Bettie and Yetti were together all the time. Yetti went to work with Bettie, and waited patiently. She understood how Bettie needed her, and how she needed Bettie.

Bettie’s health failed and she was hospitalized. Bettie died Jan. 31.

This cannot be an obituary. I don’t know all of the facts usually reported. I know Bettie does have surviving family. I only know she had a faithful, best friend, Yetti.

Yetti is about 8 years old, and has shown her loyalty. She still has much to give and would be a wonderful companion, she has shown that. The only reason she is back at the shelter is that her best friend died. I am sure she wonders where Bettie is, and is confused. I so hope someone will again help her.

Bettie McFarland was a part of our community. She was a compassionate person who made a difference. What more could we ask for her legacy?

Nancy Young

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