Big-Hearted Fraser Snow Hill and Grand Adventures Give Again |

Big-Hearted Fraser Snow Hill and Grand Adventures Give Again

Janell HurstNational Camps for Blind Children

Economic times maybe tough, but sometimes making the day extra special for someone else is just the right thing to do.Rod and Monty have hearts of gold. For the last 20-some years, Fraser Snow Hill has invited the young people with National Camps for Blind Children (NCBC) to come experience the thrill and adventure of snow tubing.The bright blue sky and scenic mountains are lost on the blind and visually impaired campers. However, the rapid hill brought squeals of surprise and delight.Spin me this time, exclaims one camper. Other campers link a group of tubes together to enjoy the trip together. The ever-watchful Fraser Hill staff are every mindful of safety for their blind guests making sure tubes didnt collide at the bottom of the hill. They even offer a guiding elbow as needed.Snowmobiles from Grand Adventures transport the campers and tubes back to the top of the lofty hill. Blind campers get ready for another fast exhilarating run. Don Neuman of Grand Adventures looks forward to being part of this venture every year. For the past 30 years. Don and his volunteers each have taken a legally blind camper on the back of their snowmobiles in an action-packed outing.Taking a break from the snowmobiles halfway to the top of the mountain, campers were drawn like magnets to the deep snow. Snowballs were lobbed at any voices they could hear, sometimes with uncanny accuracy. One landed on the side of my helmet. I do believe a few snowmobile volunteers may have handed a few pre-made snowballs to help out in the fun. The best tribute to the kindness of these owners was overhead in the van as 16-year-old Lucene talked to her mother by cell phone: Mom, this is the most fun Ive had in the last 5 years since I lost my vision.Thank you Dennis & Fran Finnigan of Fraser Valley 1 Hr Photo, Safeway, Alco, YMCA, Grand Adventurers, and Fraser Snow Tubing.

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