Bill Dixon: People shouldn’t jump to conclusions about others |

Bill Dixon: People shouldn’t jump to conclusions about others

To the Editor:

To all the busy-bodies who jump to conclusions before they know the facts because they saw horses being starved and abused on Animal Planet; and to the self-proclaimed horse expert who cannot tell the difference between a 26-year-old horse with arthritis and one being starved: You should get your facts straight and contact the person who is taking care of the animals before contacting Animal Control, wasting their time and tax dollars and making the person taking care of the animals leave his job to meet with the Animal Control officer, who talked with the caregiver and found that the horses were not being neglected, were being fed and watered daily and cared for properly.

These people should have the intestinal fortitude to contact that person and voice their concerns, find the true facts, instead of taking the cowardly route, (since it is not their problem), and calling animal control – plus the fact that three other horses with the supposedly starving horse were in good condition – should have raised a thought that maybe this horse is old and just might have problems related to old age.

If you don’t know the facts, keep your mouth shut until you do. This will save a lot of headaches, wasted time and money.

Bill Dixon


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