Blaming Bush for woes ignores the facts |

Blaming Bush for woes ignores the facts

To the Editor:

The column by Felicia Muftic that ranted into two pages about the failures of the Bush presidency requires a response.

First, all should bear in mind that the Sept. 11 attacks occurred just nine months into the first Bush term; therefore, the intelligence agencies that failed to “connect the dots” were actually agencies that had been under Bill Clinton’s eight years in office; you cannot overhaul those very large agencies in nine months.

Second, Ms. Muftic claims that our policies have weakened our ability to fight terrorism, but all must remember that we have not had another attack in the seven years since Sept. 11.

This is not an accident, but the result of pressures on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and around the world as well as intensified security efforts within our own country. In the same period, there have been attacks in London, Madrid, Indonesia and elsewhere. If you do believe it is just luck, read in the July 25 issue of THE WEEK an article titled “Terror’s Watchmen.”

Third, Ms. Muftic claims that “we refused to join the rest of the world in combating global warming.” The Kyoto Treaty entered into by President Clinton was never ratified by our Senate, and its terms of carbon reduction have not been met by any of the major signers. Of what value is agreeing to unachievable goals, for questionable science?

Next, she complains that John McCain plans to “drill more oil.” Well she and those of her persuasion such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and U.S. Rep. Dianna Degette have opposed drilling offshore, and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge while at the same time calling for achieving energy independence, the ultimate contradiction.

One result of these policies is higher gasoline prices; the more serious result is increased importation that sends more dollars to Arab princes, and to such desirables as Venezuela, Sudan, Russia, and Nigeria. Technology to find, drill, and recover oil has evolved from earlier oil booms so that responsible drilling will occur. The same people oppose building new nuclear power plants.

The renewable energy sources wished for will come, but not in sufficient quantity or soon enough to replace oil. We need to develop more of our own oil and gas production now, and build nuclear plants. How will we charge the batteries of those electric cars if we do not add to our electric power production?

Finally, she claims that our invasion of Iraq is the first instance in U.S. history when we have invaded a country before they attacked us. Does she not recall the Bay of Pigs debacle planned and supported by the Kennedy administration? Had France and its allies invaded Germany before they were attacked, we might have prevented the worst war of all history.

Your paper has more rational sources for opinion columns than Ms. Muftic.

Canton O’Donnell

Grand Lake

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