Book float contest winners announced |

Book float contest winners announced

The Grand County Library District has announced the winners of the 8th Annual Book Float Contest:

The Fraser Library (Fraser Valley Elementary School) received more than 100 entries.

First Grade First Place, Rosemary Trotter

First Grade Second Place, Eric Lawrence

Second Grade First Place, Mary Kate Mintken

Second Grade Second Place, Maureen Borberg

Third Grade First Place, Kalli Kirwan

Third Grade Second Place, Alec Laraby

Fourth Grade First Place, Ricky Bugos

Fourth Grade Second Place, Kolby Seemann

Fifth Grade First Place, Harley Phillips

Fifth Grade Second Place, Kyger Mintken

Fifth Grade Third Place, Emily Jensen

Granby Library (First Place winners)

Kindergarten, Ethan Boeckers

First Grade, Aidan Loberg

Second Grade, Quinn Conger

Third Grade, Gabe Loberg

Fourth Grade, Jeffrey Hovermale

Fifth Grade, Cole Hoffschneider

Kremmling Library

Kindergarten First Place, Braden Clark

First Grade First Place, Trina Gonzales

Second Grade First Place, Alexis Marquez

Second Grade Second Place, Cirenda Cordova

Second Grade Third Place, Audree Miller

Third Grade First Place, Sicely Gonzales

Fourth Grade First Place, Gina Manguso

Fourth Grade Second Place, Cameron Austin

Fourth Grade Third Place, Jonathan Belcher

Fifth Grade First Place, Vince Manguso

Fifth Grade Second Place, Alayna Ring

Fifth Grade Third Place, Sydney Ritschard

Juniper Library in Grand Lake

Kindergarten First Place, Molly Everhart

Kindergarten Second Place, Madison Mullinex

Kindergarten Third Place, Candice Williamson

First Grade First Place (Tie), Jenna King

First Grade First Place (Tie), Tigerlily

First Grade Second Place, Tyler Weather

First Grade Third Place, Trustin Appelhans

Second Grade First Place, Ben Heil

Second Grade Second Place, Haley Marie Johnson

Second Grade Third Place, Ruthie Everhart

Third Grade First Place, Sarah Lynnhough

Third Grade Second Place, Daniel Lasasso

Third Grade Third Place, Bryce Thompson

Fourth Grade First Place, Holly Fox

Fourth Grade Second Place, Brittany Blair

Fourth Grade Third Place, Hunter Thompson

Fifth Grade First Place (Tie), Janna McNulty

Fifth Grade First Place (Tie), Josie Gasner

Fifth Grade Second Place, Autumn Rienhart

Fifth Grade Third Place, Hannah Heil

The 3rd Annual Book Jacket contest was also held for grades 6-8. The first place winner for East Grand is Rowan Gallagher.

The Book Jacket winners for West Grand are:

Sixth Grade First Place, Liberty Mathis

Sixth Grade Second Place, Emma Auger

Sixth Grade Third Place, David Gaura

Seventh Grade First Place, Yvette Garcia

Seventh Grade Second Place, Kassidy Ramirez

Seventh Grade Third Place, Ryan Robinson

There were over 300 entries throughout Grand County for this year’s contest. A giant THANK YOU goes out to all our talented participants, teachers, parents, volunteers, and sponsors. Special thanks is given to Darrell Woods, Laurie Ciccarelli, Karen Reese, Roxanne White, Annette Herbert, Meadowgold, B Jammin’, and Radioshack for their kind donations of time, prizes, and supplies.